Free College Recruiting Service to High School Student Athletes

Membership service to all college coaches.

Cleveland, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2008 -- Woods Recruiting is a college recruiting service that works with high school student athletes to help them get recruited for and placed with a college program.

Woods Recruiting is announcing today that we are offering a paid monthly membership to all college coaches. The cost is $12.00 for a one year membership.

College coaches will have access to a database of high school student athletes. This program will benefit the non-scholarship college programs that do not have the recruiting budgets of the major college programs and it is more of a challenge for these college programs to recruit high school student athletes.

Each high school student athlete will receive an Athletic Profile with their picture, a video on their Profile page along with links to their top 10 college programs. Also, Woods Recruiting will contact and market high school student athletes to college programs with the goal of securing college placement.

The goal for many high school athletes is to play at the collegiate level. Many high school athletes are often overlooked by college programs. Woods Recruiting goal is to bridge the gap between the student athletes and colleges.

College recruiting is a year-round job. Many families with student athletes are unaware of the recruiting process. Many of these same families wait until the last minute to figure out what they are going to do. Many student athletes don’t get recruited for college. The reason is absolutely no exposure to the college sports programs that are out there.

Most student athletes and their parents feel that they are good; that college coaches will find them. This is not always true. College coaches and staff will only recruit high school student athletes that they’ve heard of, know about and/or have detailed information on. College coaches and their staff cannot recruit everyone.

Our goal at Woods Recruiting is to obtain national and regional recognition and exposure for any high school athlete who has demonstrated the potential to participate at the collegiate level.

Almost everyone needs to be promoted or exposed to the colleges and universities. Our job is to promote and give the high school student athletes that exposure!

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