Staten Island Cosmetic Surgery Professional Shares Solutions for Lip Wrinkles

Staten Island cosmetic surgery professional Dr. Elliot Heller shares with patients treatments that are available to address upper lip wrinkles.

Edison, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2012 --Despite how accepting people have become with the aging process, there are still some wrinkles, especially on the face, that they would prefer to live without. One of these wrinkles is called the perioral wrinkle, which are fine or deep lines that are around the mouth and lips.

"Wrinkles on the face only get worse overtime, which causes people to look older than they really are," said Staten Island cosmetic surgery professional Dr. Elliot Heller. "These fine and deep wrinkles make even the simple task of putting on lipstick difficult, as they can cause the edges of the lips to sag."

A plastic surgeon can help patients achieve their skin goals by created a treatment plan that is tailored to them.

Treatment options include:

-Chemical Peels. This treatment removes outer layers of damages skin to promote regeneration of new cells.
-Fillers and Injections. Botox, collegan, silicone, Restylane and even purified fat can be injected under the skin to add volume to the lips and give them a smoother appearance.
-Laser Resurfacing. A CO2 laser beam is used to eliminate damaged skin cells and initiate the body's natural healing process. Lasers can either be ablative or nonablative, believes the brazilian butt lift Staten Island surgeon. Ablative lasers remove the outer skin layers, while a nonablative laser addresses the dermis of the skin, which keeps it intact.

"Resurfacing the lips can be a permanent solution, while fillers, except for silicone, are temporary options that require annual treatments for maintenance," the facelift and thigh lift professional said "With either of the options, the patients will enjoy excellent results that will make their lips and face appear more youthful."

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