College Insider Denounces Shocking Student Loan Crisis, Gives Parents Free Advice to Help Them Save Thousands

Michigan families are loosing loan options because of the credit crisis but they have other options. Parents can send their child to a 4 year college and not go broke.

Troy, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2008 -- Mike Humann has devoted his life to helping parents affordably send their students to college, and he’s as mad as any parent out there that the government has created the student loan meltdown. However, he is determined to help as many parents as possible weather the storm.

“It’s shocking that so many parents won’t even be able to borrow money for their kids to go to school in the next few years, so many good students won’t be able to go, and many students will have to drop out, unless they know the inside information that the universities don’t seem to want given out,” says Mike, the nation’s leading expert on planning for college. “It’s not even a matter of getting the best interest rate….it’s getting ANY money for school at all these days. However, parents need to know that college can still be attainable, if they learn the inside secrets to getting as much free money as possible, and then where to borrow the rest at an affordable rate so they don’t go broke.”

Mike can teach almost any parent legal ways to double or triple their eligibility for free grant money, even if they make a six figure income; as well as how to determine in advance if a school will be affordable for them, regardless of its’ sticker price; and how to make sure that their family can afford to send their child to college, even if the neighbors can’t.

Mike is a fun, entertaining and insightful guest and resource to any media, and can inspire an audience with insider tips and information that most families never know about. He is the author of two books on college planning, CEO of the website You can book an interview that will educate your audience on this important subject by calling 248-939-2978.

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