Switzerland-Based Reliaty55 GmbH Disclosed the Name of Their Secure - Call Service: kryng.me

From now on, Reliaty55 will be known as “kryng.me”.


Wollerau, Schwyz -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2012 --We could read plenty of articles on the Internet about the Reliaty55 GmbH and their encrypted VoIP solution. They started their services in June to survey the needs of customers. From the beginning they were planning to show their service with the Company's name till they achieve every product development set according to the feedback of customers.

Besides the release of the new android version, they have revealed the real name of their service today. From now on, Reliaty55 (the encrypted easy-to-use voice and text service) will be known as “kryng.me”.

The new name may sound interesting to users who are not familiar with the service Reliaty55 GmbH provides us with. We asked Zoe Blumberg, the marketing manager of the company why they chose this name:

“It was hard to find a name which represents security, encrypted communication, and in addition to these terms, it is brief and suggestive.

We started from the phrase “ring me”, which is already in use in day-by-day communication. Then we merged it with the German word “Kryptografie”, which refers to encrypted communication. That is how kryng.me came into being.”

I truly believe that “kryng.me” is a good choice. The name is catchy, has its own message, easily pronouncable and it could spread very quickly. It is also obvious how simple it is to use the name as a verb: “Kryng me anytime!”

Their service is available for everyone, however, they don’t want us to forget that kryng.me originates from Switzerland, the home of security. Our phone service provider can't be in a better place than Switzerland.

“The word needs a widely-usable mobile secure voice service. That was our mission when we envisioned kryng.me. Today is a new beginning with a new name.” said Maximilian Friedery, the director of the company. He also revealed that Reliaty GmbH will release the iOS and Symbian^3 version of the Client App this year.

I think this is a very good initiation. The world was in a need of a secure-call service, which comes with an independent background. The concept is great, and kryng.me is designed to be a lucid and easily usable application with a reasonable price compared to other applications in the market – but after all, our favourite is the name of the app. Probably we don't have to wait a lot for kryng.me to be a widely used verb in our everyday communication.

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