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Leeds, West Yorkshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2013 --Finally a company in the north of England that provides a wide range of alternative, trustworthy Apple repair services at affordable rates. Many iPad owners these days rely heavily on there iDevice and as statistics have shown that out of all gadgets on the market today, the iPad is one that can easily get smashed, or cracked from knocks, or being dropped. iPad screen repair Leeds services is among the most popular the company offer locally. As the Apple brand increases in polarity it difficult to find a trustworthy service provider with a long background in Apple products. One thing that you can't get from your local Apple store is a repair to you iPad! Apple do however offer an exchange program but this is still quite costly in comparison to a good quality local repair service. It's common knowledge that an iPad repair must be quite difficult, you only have to look at the size and precision build on the iPad to realise the skill involved in building, and repairing. Many top technician within the Apple community will still not touch the iPad in terms of repair due to the high skill need to pull off a quality restoration.

As well as the popular screen repair service the company offers a range of general iPad repairs. This includes everything from replacement batteries and dock connectors, to new aluminium housing, and water damage cleaning solutions. The company is based in Chapel Allerton, north Leeds. Surrounded by up market wine bars, and quality restaurants it really is a loverly part of Leeds to be waiting around in. The company offer a selection of option for a fast service. The most popular option is still the walk-in repair service, but what makes Express iPad repair unique is they also offer a mobile on site repair service for people with a busy lifestyle. The idea is a technician is dispatched at a time of your choosing and is able to repair your iPad in the comfort of your own home, or place of business. This is a great option for local people who would prefer to have a more convenient, personal service. The beauty of this is you can watch on as your iPad is being repaired, and if like many you worry about your personal data, this really does go a long way towards the trust factor. all information regarding services, options, and company FAQ's can be found at and everything is easily presented for customers to get the relevant information they need in regards to procedures and repair costs.

The company has been in the Apple repair business for over 5 years, starting out with the popular company Mac repair leeds Ltd in Alwoodley. Over the course of this time the company has seem 1000's of customers with support and repair issues with there Macbook, or iMac computers. The company is the premier alternative to the Apple store in the North for high quality cost effective Macintosh repairs. As the electronic consumer market evolves it was only a matter of time before the company took there unique style of repairs services, and moved them towards the very popular iDevices that play such an important roll in our current day, to day life. With tablet trends continuing in the business sector as well as the consumer market, portable device like the iPad are only going to become more common as time moves on. Express iPad repair Leeds is able to offer the fastest turn around of your iPad repair. The company understands how important the device is to many people, as well as how much it is relied on for peoples day to day life. With Express repair most items are repaired the very same day, some times while you wait. Another service they offer is a pick up and drop off service. Say for example the customer doesn't drive, or they just can't get away, this service has also proven popular.

So there you have it. Finally a local company that specialises in the repair only of iPad products. Too many repair shops these days will fix everything but the kitchen sink, to your toaster. Many prefer a specialist with a background in solid Apple repairs and its easy to see why Express services are becoming so popular. The company even offers quality information on there blog, this also includes first hand repair pictures and procedures so you can see for yourself the quality of there iPad screen repair process, whats also great is all the work carried out is backed up by 12 months guarantee on parts and labour, and all parts used are high quality, genuine products. Many other companies will only offer 3 months warranty and the parts can some times be imitation. Check out Express iPad repair in Leeds if you have damaged you iPad.

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