Logo Design Guru Helps Make Duke Center’s Logo Visible

Langhorne, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2008 -- Logo Design Guru, one of the web’s leading Logo and Web design firms is proud to design a logo for Duke University’s Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Plasmonics.

The newly created center, which is part of Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, focuses on electromagnetic structures of artificially created materials, called metamaterials.

The Center has also garnered major attention from both the scientific community and the news media for the design of a cloaking device that bends light, which makes objects appear to disappear.

This cloak uses metamaterials to bend microwaves around an object. By completing this process with minimal changes in the original data, the object appears to be invisible. This process could possibly revolutionize wireless communication technologies, and improve data transmission.

The Center wanted Logo Design Guru, to create an abstract logo befitting of both their scientific mission and setting a professional yet accessible tone.

Striking a balance between science and design was important. “We wanted something unique, modern, and abstract. We wanted it to look professional.” said Autumn Wenner, Business Manager for the Duke Center For Metamaterials And Integrated Plasmonics.

Although Logo Design Guru, has previously created logos for academic and scientific institutions working with the Duke Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Plasmonics was an exciting challenge.

The logo features a stylized sphere, orbited by alternating green and blue rings. Like the logo, the invisibility cloak itself is composed by a series of concentric circles that allow for the microwaves to bend so smoothly

Ed Caraballo, one of Logo Design Guru’s logo design consultants was initially concerned, “Working with Autumn, and a group of such respected scientists was great however. Initially I was concerned, that they would have overly complex ideas about the design of their logo, but all of their ideas were conveyed clearly and effectively with the end result being a great logo.”

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