Newly Formed Nutri-Mack Headquarters in NJ

Vineland, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2008 -- The management teams of Nutrilo, headquartered in Cuxhaven, Germany, and Mack PPI of Dayton, NJ, have announced a merger of interests to form Nutri-Mack, Inc. The new entity will be based in Vineland, NJ.

The merger developed as a result of the strong relationship the companies formed in meeting the needs of marketers serving the therapeutic industry, especially those selling products in the form of fast melt tablets, effervescent tablets and powders, stick packs, and blister packs.

According to Marek Karspeck, Nutri-Mack’s Administration and Sales Manager, “What started as a relationship of mutual best interests has quickly developed into one of great opportunity for everyone involved. The merger will increase the ability of both companies to service existing and future customers with much greater efficiency.”

Nutrilo has been in the forefront of the vitamin industry since 1984, and is responsible for developing and bringing to market a number of diverse vitamin delivery systems, including tailor-made mixtures for the food and beverage industries, effervescent tablets, and fast melting stick packs.

Mack PPI brings to the merger its expertise in packaging, labeling and supply chain logistics, including the employment of state-of-the-art packing materials and shipping methods.

“The end consumer will benefit most from this merger,” noted Karspeck. “In addition to having increased US-based capacity, the efficiencies we’ve put in place will guarantee that product can be on store shelves in less time than ever before.”

The Vineland, NJ, site was selected for its strategic location. The 35,000 square foot facility is a short drive from the previous headquarters of Mack PPI, two international ports and major airports. It was fully staffed and completely operational as of September of 2008. “From here,” says Karspeck, “we will be able to substantially shorten customer lead times within the U.S.”

The facility will consist of three two lane and one six lane state-of-the-art, fully automated stick pack production systems as well as blending machinery. It will initially focus on convenient single serving stick packs which can be filled with beverage or fast-melt powders. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2008 Nutri-Mack will begin manufacturing tailor-made Vitamin and Mineral premixes for the food and beverage industries.

Initial production capacity will allow for the shipment of variously sized orders of stick packs and vitamin/mineral premixed powders. An effervescent tablet line will extend the product range in the near future. All internal processes will be managed by enterprise computer programs and all materials and products will be tested and certified by independent, accredited chemical laboratories.

Sharing the managerial responsibilities at the new Nutri-Mack facility will be Dave Zacek, CEO, and Frank Kueckens, Head of Production. According to Zacek, Nutri-Mack’s production capacity will help meet the public’s growing demand for new, fast-acting, alternative delivery systems.

Zacek also pointed out the fiscal advantages of the merger. “As part of the PHW family of companies, Nutri-Mack will enjoy the long-term stability that comes as a result of having the backing of a multi-million dollar global giant entity. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to share our knowledge, resources, and enthusiasm for change with our European counterparts on a 24-hour basis.”

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