Drake Institute - New Understanding of Brain Activity in Autism Can Help Autism Treatment as Well as ADHD Treatment.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --A clinical study from Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital just published in the medical journal BMC Medicine has confirmed what we have been finding in quantitative EEG brainmaps of Autistic children at the Drake Institute for the last 6 years The findings showed abnormal connectivity between the regions of the brain involved in language processing. By recording and measuring the brain's electrical activity, the researchers found abnormal differences in connectivity between the language regions of Autistic children when compared to a more normal control group of children.

These abnormalities were in what is called "Coherence." Coherence is a measure of the strength of connectivity between different regions of the brain, For the brain to function optimally, the different regions or networks of the brain need to be fully differentiated or specialized, and then need to communicate and share information back and forth. This is not happening in brain functioning in Autistic children.

This particular study found the abnormal coherence patterns in the language areas of the brains in Autistic children. Thus, one would expect reduced functioning in language development. With poor Coherence in brain functioning, it would be similar to having a company with 20 managers with some of the managers not talking to each other. So the company would run very inefficiently and underperform. Well, the brain is no different.

On the positive side at Drake Institute, we use the brainmap findings to direct the neurofeedback treatment (EEG biofeedback) to improve the functional connections between these regions, whether it is Autism or ADHD. The brain can learn to develop healthier Coherence patterns in improving brain functioning and reducing symptoms.

At the Drake Institute we have also seen abnormal connectivity or Coherence in the right posterior region of the brains in Autistic children or children with ASPERGER'S DISORDER. This region is involved in understanding nonverbal social cues, other people's feelings or moods. This is a very important area in Autistic or Asperger's children to analyze and then strengthen if imbalances show up on the brainmap.

It is worth mentioning that children with ADHD or ADD frequently show abnormal connectivity or Coherence in the frontal regions of the brain involved in attentional and executive functioning regulation, and impulse control. Similarly to helping Autistic children with brainmap guided neurofeedback, ADD or ADHD children can be helped to improve their symptoms without drugs.

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