Mobile Slinger Releases "The Dine out Kit"

Slinger adds to their line of Life Simplification Mobile Apps - "EDIT AT WILL"


Redondo Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2013 --Mobile Slinger has announced the release of the “Dine Out Kit" on the IOS platform. Slinger, is known for creating apps that enhance the process of daily life, by simplifying common tasks. Life simplification is the foundation of the Mobil Slinger philosophy. The Dine Out Kit is the perfect follow up to Slinger's app, Kick Timer, released in 2011, a popular app for reducing parking tickets and helps manage time sensitive deadlines of everyday life i.e., laundry, trash days and recycle days.

The Dine Out Kit allows users to quickly determine the correct tip amount when dining out, and has the added benefit of computing how the bill should be split when dining with friends. You can set your own parameters, by inputting the tip percentage you would like leave for the wait staff. The added Adjustable Menu Light and magnifying glass are a big help in dimly lit restaurants, and the app has the added benefit of doubling as a flashlight, reducing the need for an additional app for that purpose.

Mobile Slinger is offering the Dine Out Kit at an introductory price of just 99 cents for 30 days. Beginning April 15th, the price will rise to $1.99.

The Dine Out Kit provides a sleek, easy to use, interface that puts 5 important features at your fingertips.

Key Features
Sleek, attractive interface
Easy to use and navigate (Swipe or double tap, finger gestures)
Tip & Split Calculator
Pocket Mirror (available on the 4 and 5)
Adjustable LED & Screen Menu Light (IOS 6.0 or higher)
Photo Receipts Folder

No more trying to figure out the tip or how to split the bill. Keeping track of your dinning receipts has been simplified. Get a little help reading the small print of ingredients, by magnifying and shedding a little illumination on the menu, all from one simple app. Dine Out Kit does it all by saving you time, money, and aggravation at the tap and slide of your finder. With 5 quick, simple, and essential, features: Tip & Split Calculator, Magnifier, Pocket Mirror, Photo Receipts Folder, and Menu Light.


- Super quick easy-to-split
- Easily input $ amount
- Quickly use slider to adjust tip %
- Simple slider to split the bill
- Optional defaults for Tip % & Taxes subtotal
- Easy access to picture for Receipts and flashlight to see your bill


- Easy-to-use with the slide of your finger to magnify
- Optional photo (send to Photo’s album)
- Pocket mirror: reverse mode (iPhone 4-5 only)
- Illumination


- Super quick easy on/off
- LED Menu Light (press and slide down to dim)
- LED Light Lock (Press) – keep the light on while doing a task
- Screen Menu Light (Press and Hold -slide finger to dim)
- Strobe Light (Hit Lightning bolt & Slider Pull Down) – Use to get your someone’s attention or hail a cab


- Handy place to keep all your credit card receipts
- Transfer or share feature to keep all your receipts together.
- Share features (Photo album, Email, Text)
- Quick access to picture mode in tip calculator

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