Solar Stirling Plant Review by Kevin Reveals Important Details

A Review of the Solar Stirling Plant System: What to Expect and What No

Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2013 --Solar Stirling Plant is a guide that promises to teach consumers how to harness the power of the sun and obtain free energy to power their homes through the use of the Stirling engine. As the developers claim, the end result is product that can generate energy that is 12 times greater than what a traditional solar PV panel can offer.

Almost everyone is familiar with solar panels and their functions, but only few are aware that solar Stirling engines even exist. What does the Solar Stirling Plant guide offer and why should one give it a try? Let’s take a closer look and find out whether or not it is worth the investment.

What the Solar Stirling Plant Guide Offers

A Stirling engine is a type of heat engine that is powered by the contraction and expansion of gas inside its chambers. Originally designed by Robert Stirling in the 1800s, the Stirling engine was considered an alternative for the steam engine that is usually found in trains. The same principle that runs this engine is what the developers of the Solar Stirling Plant integrated with their product.

Instead of the usual rectangular PV panel, the Solar Stirling Plant resembles a parabolic dish, much like a small satellite dish that is used in homes for TV and cable reception. The dish itself has the same photovoltaic cells found in traditional PV panels; the only difference is that the whole Stirling Solar Plant project is expected to produce more energy than what is normally generated by a solar panel.

There are several features that the Solar Stirling Plant offers to consumers, chief of these is its ability to generate energy even when cloudy and regardless of the temperature. This means that one need not worry about having enough power from the sun any given day, providing continuous energy that can be used in the household on a regular basis. Aside from this, Solar Stirling Plant offers consumers the chance to reduce their on-grid power consumption by as much as 50% for just a single unit. Grid dependency is expected to become even lower when multiple Solar Stirling Plants are used, with claims that homeowners may even be able to sell back some of the power being produced by their systems to power companies and earn a nice income from doing so.

Another one of Solar Stirling Plant’s offered features is that it’s eco-friendly and runs quietly. Being powered by the sun and generating heat from the PV cells installed in the parabolic dish, users will have no need to utilize gas or electricity to operate the system. This means no pollution and no carbon footprint, something that most environmentalists will appreciate. Moreover, the developers claim that the entire project is easy to build, costing less than a hundred dollars to purchase every component needed to get the Solar Stirling Plant up and running.

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How the Solar Stirling Plant Works

Once payment has been verified, users will be given instant access to the Solar Stirling Plant guide so they can start building their own solar Stirling engine. In most cases, this will only take a couple of days to complete, with the end result similar to a parabolic dish that is rigged with PV cells and the Stirling engine as the focal point.

When set up, the PV panels will trap the heat from the rays of the sun and reflect it back to the Stirling engine. The heat then causes the Stirling engine to start working, with 2 pistons going back and forth in a chamber that is filled with hydrogen gas. The contraction and expansion of the gas inside the chamber will then convert the heat into energy, creating a supply which can power a home by up to 40% of its total energy consumption. The more Solar Stirling Plants in place, the higher the amount of energy converted, supplied, and stored for a household’s use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Stirling Plant

For starters, the guide is easy enough to follow and the materials described in it are readily available in most hardware stores and depots. Even if one is not a DIY expert, he or she can still use the guide to make a Stirling engine and a parabolic dish for less than $100. Aside from this, the Solar Stirling Plant guide also provides illustrations and photos so users can follow along and make sure they’re doing it exactly the way it was described. The price is also attractive, considering you lay less than $50 for the plans and the instructional materials.

The disadvantage to the Solar Stirling Plant system as I see it is that it is not as highly popular as that of solar panel installations. As such, a lot of people will naturally be skeptical whether or not this type of technology does work. Aside from this, the presentation of the guide leaves something to be desired, and it would have been better if the developers came up with an actual page where all the features and benefits were laid out.

The Solar Stirling Plant guide can be bought for $49, with access to the material readily given once payment has been verified through Clickbank. Those who want to try it out but are thinking twice about it because it may not work are covered with a 60-day money back guarantee, and one need only request a refund through Clickbank for their funds to be credited back into their accounts.

The Solar Stirling Plant guide is a product that is worth a second look if you’re into green energy but cannot afford to purchase your own solar panel or wind turbine. It can easily be set up and installed, and the costs will not leave a huge hole in your pocket.

Is Solar Stirling Plant a Scam?

Is it a scam? No. Although there are rumors that the concept of the Stirling engine itself is flawed and that the entire Solar Stirling Plant system is a scam, the truth is actually otherwise. The guide in itself provides relevant information, and all you need is there to start making your own solar Stirling machines. It would just be up to you how you can use it to your advantage. Besides, the money-back guarantee more than makes it worth trying out, as you can easily request for your money back in case it falls below your expectations.

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