Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Company Reveal the Savings That Can Be Made by Switching to Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette supplier Totally Wicked has released an informative graphic detailing the great savings that can be made when switching from traditional cigarettes to e cigs.


Bradenton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2013 --The graphic estimates the annual cost of a smoker with a 20-a-day usage and compares that with the equivalent e cig usage. The company has demonstrated that significant amounts of money can be saved year after year by stubbing out that cigarette and picking up an e cig.

More than $1,350 can be saved in the first year by a smoker taking up electronic cigarettes. After the initial investment in a starter kit, even more impressive amounts can be saved in subsequent years. The average price of a packet of 20 cigarettes is $5.95 which will incur an annual cost of more than $2,000 for an average 20 a day user.

The money saved when making the switch can be reinvested in a world of different ways; Totally Wicked has provided a few examples of these. Such examples include the annual cell phone bill for three people. The savings made by switching from cigarettes to e cigs could effectively give you free minutes and texts for life! Alternatively, the individual making the switch could treat the family to a brand new 27” iMac Home Computer or 21 days access to the Walt Disney World parks for 4.

Totally Wicked is not only concerned with the direct and immediate savings that they are helping people make every year; they have also considered the numerous indirect and secondary savings their customers can enjoy. Research indicates that cigarette smokers earn up to 11% less than their nonsmoking counterparts; finding an alternative may help close that gap. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance rates are liable to increase for smoking citizens due to the increased risk of fire.

Ever the environmentalists, Totally Wicked has revealed the devastating green effects of the tobacco cigarette. More than half a billion trees are cut down every single year to power and aid the cigarette industry and the smoke from cigarettes creates significant air pollution.

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