EyeQuick Launches Its Portable Ophthalmic Camera in Europe

EyeQuick Launches its Portable Ophthalmic Camera in Europe

El Paso, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2013 --EyeQuick Launches its Portable Ophthalmic Camera in Europe Invented by an ophthalmologist, the EyeQuick is the world’s smallest integrated ophthalmic camera

EyeQuick™ is pleased to announce that they are launching sales of their EyeQuick™ Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera in Europe. The EyeQuick camera allows doctors to obtain digital photographs and videos of the retina and front surface of the eye. The EyeQuick camera gives the clinician a means to document pathology in any setting and on patients of any age or physical capability, because it is brought to the patient no matter where the patient is or what position they are in. It will be sold in Europe through a network of distributors.

Designed for ease of use, the EyeQuick camera captures photographs and videos with the press of a button. Images are instantly viewable on the built-in LCD screen and at any time can be exported via the EyeQuick’s USB port. Using a computer, the images can then be reviewed or filed in an EMR or image management software package. They can also be printed for storage in paper charts or emailed to referring physicians.

“After a successful US launch, and now having received CE mark, we are excited to offer this important technology to clinicians in Europe and other countries around the world,” said Dr. Marc Ellman, EyeQuick’s inventor and an ophthalmologist in El Paso, Texas. “Even physicians who have traditional tabletop ophthalmic cameras can enhance patient care through the EyeQuick’s portability and versatility.”

The EyeQuick combines the hand-held portability of the ophthalmoscope, the imaging power of the table-top retina camera, and the ease-of-use of a commercial digital camera. The EyeQuick was developed to be both lightweight and wireless. At 355 grams (about 13 ounces) and 225 mm high (about 9 inches), it weighs about as much as a full can of soda and stands about as high as two stacked soda cans. The EyeQuick comes with a rechargeable battery and a sturdy metal carrying case.

About The EyeQuick Digital Ophthalmoscope
The EyeQuick Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera is distributed by EyeQuick, LLC of El Paso, TX, USA and manufactured by Miller Technical Services of Canton, MI, USA. Ordering information for EyeQuick is available at www.EyeQuick.com, via email to Info@EyeQuick.com, or by calling (734) 738-1970. Miller Technical Services can be reached via their website at www.MTSmedicalMfg.com or by calling (734) 738-1970.

A high-resolution image of the EyeQuick™ Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera is available upon request. Contact EyeQuick at 915-249-3418 or Sales@EyeQuick.com for an interview with EyeQuick inventor, Dr. Marc Ellman.

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