An Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns Sees's Conversions Increase 13%

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A numbers game

As a young, forward-looking company, has a record of early adoption when it comes to technology. While the marketing mix includes some direct mail, newsletters and digital display advertising, the main focus is on Google AdWords. Marco Criscuolo, Search & Insights Manager, headed up a number of separate AdWords campaigns in the account.

When the company first began to market via mobile devices, Marco simply mirrored each existing campaign as a separate mobile campaign, “Basically, we had every campaign duplicated,” he explains.

This was necessary to cater to different audiences and behaviour, but Marco says the management effort grew to be so significant that it became increasingly difficult to give the campaigns the attention they deserved.

“ With enhanced campaigns we don’t have to have separate campaigns for each device. We can have everything running together. It’s all there and it just saves time.”

—Marco Criscuolo, Search & Insights Manager,

Stick together
As soon as the opportunity to upgrade to enhanced campaigns in AdWords was announced, Marco was keen to take advantage; “We enabled every campaign that we’ve got and moved them straight to enhanced,” he says. Enhanced campaigns allow companies to easily manage complex targeting, bidding and ads for different platforms all within the same campaign.

Marco was able to slash the number of campaigns in his remit by 50%, significantly reducing admin time, “Before there was just so much management,” he says, “but now with enhanced campaigns we don’t have to have separate campaigns for each device. We can have everything running together. It’s all there and it just saves time.”

Far and wide
When recently acquired another print firm, Marco again enlisted the help of AdWords enhanced campaigns. Prior to the acquisition, this firm had been running separate campaigns for desktop, mobile and tablet across a dozen European countries in multiple languages. It even maintained separate campaigns for geographical locations and times of day and week.

By setting bid adjustments in enhanced campaigns however, Marco can quickly increase or decrease bids to gain more control over when and where an ad is shown. He can set bid adjustments across an entire campaign targeting by devices, times, days and locations. Whenever he sets multiple adjustments, these are multiplied together to determine the final bid. “That’s brought down my workload as well,” Marco reports. “I reckon enhanced campaigns save me a day a week.”

Smart moves
The increase in efficiency is only part of the story. Enhanced campaigns have also provided a valuable learning opportunity that’s contributed to shaping’s multi-screen strategy.

“We’ve never concentrated much on mobile traffic as we don’t have a mobile site for customers yet,” Marco explains, “however, since managing the traffic via enhanced campaigns at only a slightly lower bid than desktop, conversions increased, impressions increased, clicks increased; we also noticed a lot more signups coming through than before – which is great.”

To date, the upgrade has produced a 6% increase in impressions, 7% increase in clicks and 13% increase in conversions across devices. What’s the net result? “From this, we’ve got it in our pipeline now to build a mobile site,” Marco reveals.

As well as looking into incorporating responsive design in the build, is working on a new template-driven interface too, so before long customers will be able to place orders from any device and design their own printed products entirely on the move.

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