3D PageFlip Professional Can Customize Pre-Loader Interface for Flash Flipbooks


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2013 --The flipbook creating software 3D PageFlip Professional has added Pre-Loader setting features to allow users to customize the pre-loading interface of each e-book. In addition to the many easy-to-use features of the software, the new settings adds even more versatility by controlling how readers are introduced to a flipbook. The “Book Preloader Setting” item is located on the left-design setting panel, so it is easily integrated into the software’s main interface.

With the book preloader function, users can set the title and description by entering these in the appropriate fields. They can then choose a template and preview the result directly on the screen. The field supports multiple lines of description. While one line at a time will appear on screen, the words will roll when there is more than one line. The feature, therefore, is fully inclusive in the software’s multimedia format.

Templates are also easily added via the interface. Users can do so by defining the template name, font color, and background color, and these will automatically appear when the preloader is activated. In addition, previews of the flipbook are available. This gives the reader an overview of the book after opening it and waiting for the document to load. By integrating this function, flipbook authors can keep more readers because there is more to see when one is loading. Readers tend to leave while books are loading, especially if there is nothing to see.

While backgrounds can be set, only pure colors are currently supported, which appear behind the title and description. In the future, 3DPageFlip.com is considering support for images and other background elements within this feature. After entering the details into simple form fields and selecting the color and template, users can preview the preloader page by clicking on the “Preview” button. Press “OK” to save the settings which will automatically take effect for when readers open the e-book.

With 3DPageFlip Professional, users can convert PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice files into page flipping e-books. Also, 3D objects, embedded images, Flash, video, hyperlinks, and more can be added to the e-book pages, while finished products can be output to websites, social media, mobile devices, and more. For additional details on the software and the new preloader function, go to http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/.

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