Personal Trainers Experience Rising Demand as Britain's Obesity Epedemic Continues


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2013 --It seems like fitness has become the new currency in a busy world that sees increasing demands on our time, working hours and family life. Latest Industry trends show that we’re all working longer hours leading to increasing sedentary lifestyles, higher stress levels and associated health problems including cardiovascular disease and obesity.

With the UK now officially recognised as the second most obese nation in the world the demand for fitness services and personal training has, according to recent market reports, hit a new high. One company who know exactly what the obesity crisis means for the health of the nation is MotivatePT the country’s largest personal training brand. Tony Richards, Commercial Manager at MotivatePT explains, “As a nation, it seems that we are far more prepared to spend money on our health and fitness than previous generations did. We’re also noticing a trend amongst younger couples to focus on career first and then starting families much later in life compared to previous generations. This has definitely caused a shift in financial wherewithal and a change in mentalities, with many parents-to-be focusing on staying as fit as possible for starting a family and maintaining this so they can enjoy their children as they grow.”

Health club chain Fitness First recently reported that personal training is the number one reason members say they want to join their health clubs. But thanks to Companies like MotivatePT, those looking to shift the pounds and get in shape, no longer even need to step foot in a gym. Richards comments, “More and more people are now looking for solutions that will help them to lose weight, stay fit and healthy and which can easily fit with their lifestyle. Customer’s want convenience and flexibility above all else and a service that’s tailored to them. Our trainers come direct to the customer wherever they may be and with personal trainers available nationally we’re able to cover just about every corner of the UK.”

Marie Watts, who works as an IT consultant in South West London has been having home-visit personal training sessions for over 2 years. She tells us, “I needed to lose weight and had tried almost everything. I finally decided I would give personal training a go. My trainer comes to my home, meaning I never waste a session. It’s kept me consistent and I have lost over 4 stone. I am now in the best shape I have ever been. My husband and I are looking to start a family later this year and staying in shape is therefore essential for me. The convenience of having sessions at home is also a big positive. For me it’s a lifestyle decision and something I can see myself carrying on for the long term."

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