How a Clean Ceiling Brightens Both Your Office and Employee Spirits


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2013 --As a business owner or manager, you've probably taken numerous steps to ensure the productivity and morale of your employees is both at an all time high. Maybe you've brought in new technology and fast computers. Or made sure the break room is stocked with quality food and drink. Or painted your walls and updated the lighting.

There’s probably one more area that you may have overlooked — or actually “underlooked” —that has the potential of boosting their morale and productivity. Your ceiling.

In a 2009 study, it showed that a more open, lighter and roomier work environment presented many benefits to most all employees. First, it improves group collaboration and productivity. Second, it increases employee pride in the workplace which leads to a sense of job satisfaction. Third, work effectiveness and results are enhanced. Lastly, company morale and individual employee satisfaction were significantly increased.

Surprisingly, to realize these benefits, it doesn't take many changes. And by simply cleaning your office ceiling tile, you can positively affect the mood of the office by increasing the light and feel of the office space. Not only is it one of the least expensive whole office changes you can make for great results, it’s also fairly fast and offers no business interruption.

Why clean your office ceiling?
A clean, bright ceiling compares to adding new lighting, but without the expense, time, complications, and business downtime. Your employees will immediately notice. And as your ceilings get brighter as will employee mood and morale. What’s more, their productivity will increase as well.

What other benefits will clean ceilings bring to your office?
Not only will your office ceilings look brighter and cleaner, the solutions to ceiling cleaning do so much more. These solutions will disinfect and sanitize your ceiling to remove dirt, soil, grease and stains. Plus, any odors that used to linger in the building may dissipate entirely.

That’s just the beginning. Clean ceilings restore fire ratings, enhances acoustic value and light reflectivity, and increases the perceived value of the entire office space.

How often should you clean your office ceilings?

How often you clean your office ceilings depend on what contaminates are inside your building. If you have many contaminates, you may wish to clean your ceiling every 3 to 6 months. However, if you work in the average office, you should clean about every three years.

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