Zamzom, Wireless Network Security Tool, Goes International

Duken, Norway -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2009 -- Zamzom, the wireless network security tool that has taken North America by storm, is now being released internationally, specifically with the launch of the all-new Italian language website at

“Because of the big response we have had from the Italian people we have fully translated our software into Italian and have also created a new Italian language website at” says Per Hansen of

If you have a wireless network, either for home or for business, there may be a chance that you have unauthorized computes using your signal. “Most people rush through the setup process when it comes to establishing a new wireless network,” says Hansen, “Helping to protect wireless networks and maintain computer security is where Zamzom comes in.”

Available as both a basic version (freeware) and a premium version (shareware), Zamzom allows users to detect all computers, both authorized and unauthorized, utilizing a wireless network. From computer and user names to Mac and IP addresses, Zamzom wireless networking tool even identifies computers unseen in a program neighborhood and computers that can’t be pinged. With this information in hand users can go about protecting their personal and company information.

“A study of financial districts showed that 57 percent of the wireless networks were open or used weak WEP encryption.,” says Hansen.

As wireless technology has developed and increased, so have the number of security risks. Hacking methods have become much more sophisticated and innovative, leaving companies, personal computers, and any other wireless device wide open and vulnerable. While there are a number of different methods of accessing a wireless network, there are also various manners in which to secure a network and counteract threats.

The Zamzom wireless network tool does not only inform users of precisely who is accessing their networks, but the tool will also help users take valuable steps toward properly securing their wireless networks for good. Zamzom’s wireless network tool is compatible with Windows and the user-friendly interface requires no specific computer knowledge to operate and even gives users the opportunity to save information results.

The all-new Italian version of Zamzom is available for download at, and the English freeware and shareware versions are still available at

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