Reel Men Rentals Expands 1 Ton Grip Van Fleet

Reel Men has adapted services to meet smaller production needs, reflecting market trends shifting to smaller movie shoots. The company has expanded its small truck fleet along with other equipment to cater to the production needs of their clients.

Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2013 --As market trends have shifted toward smaller shoots, Reel Men has responded by expanding its small truck fleet and inventory of smaller cinema-quality lights and cameras. Commercials are being produced on tighter budgets and Reel Men has adapted its services accordingly. Smaller crews and more compact equipment are often used by commercial producers who are more focused on web-based distribution.

Reel Men has responded to these market changes by investing in a fleet of smaller trucks, lights, and cameras to cater to this new set of clients. On October 4th, the company announced the expansion of their one ton grip vans. In addition, more compact grip and lighting packages were announced to fit the smaller trucks reflect the “run and gun” style of production that has become so much more commonplace.

“It used to be fairly common to see 6-person crews and large trucks roll out on every commercial,” said a representative of Reel Men. “While that has not gone away, a market for smaller productions, shot by small crews working fast and light, has really started to grow. Instead of 5-ton grip trucks, folks are now taking a 1-ton van loaded to support a 1-2 man crew. Instead of cinema-quality cameras like an Arri Alexa or a Red Epic, folks are shooting on Canon 5D cameras.”

Reel Men is prepared to serve any equipment need for motion picture and commercial production. The company’s equipment inventory is the largest in Arizona, featuring Arri Alexa and Red Epic cameras, LED, tungsten, HMI, and Kino lighting, and a complete line of grip hardware. In addition to cameras, lights, and trucks, it can provide various types of equipment to maximize its contribution to the capabilities of production teams. Grips, dollies and jibs, generators, audio support equipment, electrical supplies, fogging systems, fans, and other accessories are available for rent. All can be ordered through the company’s online shopping system.

The company’s smaller production trucks and equipment are available now. For more information on ordering from Reel Men’s inventory of top-of-the-line production equipment and to see their complete inventory, go to

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