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Chelsea, London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2005 -- 2PL Network is an online travel company incorporated in 1999. It relies upon its members spread around the world to work collaboratively in order to run a successful online business.It has also tied up with online hotel booking partners from across the globe to provide competitive rates on properties available. London related information can be accessed at London hotels.The aim of the website is to provide a very simple interface to the users to reach the page, select the property of their choice and complete the booking in the language of their preference. The website does not try to confuse users by pushing multiple products or advertisements.

The users can search and reserve online hotels and other accommodation in London. They offer inns, bed and breakfast, motels, lodging and other places to stay with various suppliers to ensure that you get the best rates, bargain deals and packages. They offer a choice of rooms for all travellers ranging from budget,inexpensive to luxury, expensive and exclusive places. In some cases they also provide the lowest, cheapest rate guarantee and price comparison. Special discounted rates, weekend packages, extended stay offers, holidays and vacations can be reserved in real-time with their partners.

2PL Network plans to expand its collaborative development network in the coming months. That will help the network to build a strong community of "Work from home" developers and data entry personnels who are also customers to the network.

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