Convert Data Files to the Format You Actually Need


July 6, 2005

Convert Data Files to the Format You Actually Need

TORONTO, Canada - Do you have a data file that contains valuable
information in a format you cannot use? You can reformat it with the
Parse-O-Matic Power Tool — the long-awaited Windows version of the
Parse-O-Matic utility introduced in 1986.

The new version can be downloaded without obligation or registration
from and may be used free of charge for basic
conversions (more than 30 commands).
Sample applications:
- Edit a text file automatically;
- Copy valid data while repairing or skipping bad data;
- Split or reorganize files;
- Mine printed reports for essential information;
- Select and correct data from a customer list;
- Create an import file for a database or spreadsheet;
- Expedite migration of legacy systems.
Avoiding the restrictions of "point and click" converters, the
Parse-O-Matic Power Tool uses scripts to let you specify precisely what
you want. This gives it sufficient flexibility for demanding conversion

For example, you can read a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file and
produce valid NACHA ACH EDI files. Attempting this operation with a
spreadsheet would be difficult and in some cases impossible.
All standard input formats are supported. You can process flat files
such as:
- Text (ASCII from Windows, Unix/Linux or Mac, EBCDIC from a mainframe;
- Logs from web servers, process control devices, scientific
- Fixed length and variable length records;
- Character-delimited;
- Raw binary;
- The Windows clipboard.

The Parse-O-Matic Power Tool can convert and filter files of any size.
If you have enough room on your hard disk to copy it, then you can
parse it.
All standard output formats are supported, including CSV, HTML and XML.

You can also write text to the Windows clipboard so it can be pasted
into other applications.
The Parse-O-Matic Power Tool may be downloaded from the company web
site and includes sample scripts and printable help. It can run from
the standard interface, via a batch file, the command line, a shortcut,
or from a task scheduler for unattended operation.

The Parse-O-Matic Power Tool may be used free for basic conversion
functions. Advanced features can be enabled online for US $149.


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