Amateur Landscaper Applies Cosmetic Experience by inventing a product for Ground Covers

ATLANTA GA. – July,13, 2005.  After
years of working as an amateur landscaper on his own backyard, Keith
Sciulli ran into a problem without an available solution. Sciulli, had
spent three days and over $300 purchasing Pine Straw to place as ground
cover on a strategic slope in his yard, only to have it wash away with
the first strong rain storm.  “If its true
that necessity is the mother of invention then Adversity is its
stepchild..” Which is why Sciulli, along with his wife Janna, began
devising a product that could Hold Mulch and other ground Cover
Substrates in place during rough weather and in heavy foot traffic.
Responding to the need, Sciulli had been resurfacing his hardwood
floors with Polyurethane at the time and began testing various
formulations.  I had experimented with
Starchy based adhesives but they couldn’t hold up and the synthetics
resins were harmful to the environment. That’s when Janna his wife said
“ It needs to be like a Hairspray’ and that idea hit the jackpot.
According to Sciulli, he worked with a manufacturer to develop and
Patent his product MulchHold.  MulchHold is
a topical fixative concentrate diluted with water and sprayed onto
groundcovers to form a hairspray like Hold that keeps the particulates
adhered to each other and prevents it from displacement. Whenever he
began displaying clumps of Mulch and pine straw that he would spray in
a pile and turn it upside down and the pile would remain firm and not
fall apart people wanted to know where they could get it. People hate
having to clean and re-clean mulch messes.

have so many products for Lawns and Gardens but virtually nothing for
one of the fastest growing segments of the landscape business, and with
the Xeriscape movement sweeping the country everyone is interested in
how they can keep their brown-scapes looking better longer with that
manicured effect.  MulchHold seems to be the answer.  Not
only does MulchHold keep the groundcovers in place preventing it from
straying onto walkways and into greenways but it also helps protect the
particulate from decomposing and fading. Perhaps as significant is that
it addresses a simple, but essential need, to blow leaves, clipping and
other debris away without disrupting the Mulched bed areas.

there are Tackifiers out there but nothing that is designed
specifically for the cosmetic maintenance of groundcovers. The user
friendly patented product is a detail that makes the big difference.
Never before has a company used this kind of ideation in landscaping.  People
spend millions of dollars on Mulch and finally there is a product
specifically designed to make the most of it. Sciulli recognized the
uniqueness of the product idea and patented the process, securing
MulchHold’s niche in the burgeoning landscape market.

The idea
for the product was born out of necessity, said Sciulli. As part of an
initial offering he began selling it to Golf Courses in the Southeast
and for Highway roadside maintenance out West (because it dramatically
reduces ambient “dust-ups”) and even to control odor on compost piles
up North. Sciulli said he and the other users were always looking for a
place to control Run-away particles. 

realized there was a need for this type of solution when I couldn’t
find anything on the market like it. If there had been, I would have
bought it rather than developed it. Now every time I see Mulch spilled
onto walkways or fallen away from slopes or washed away by sprinklers
or fallen into pools and ponds, I cringe” Sciulli said.

patented MulchHold allows the user to carry a simple garden or deck
sprayer and apply without any over spray mess or adverse affect to the
environment. It ensures that everything stays in place especially after
you have spent hours getting it just right.


people want their brown-scapes as neatly manicured as their lawns. I
wanted to create something that would give the landscaper that finished

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Sciulli, along with his wife Janna, were in the cosmetics industry for years before starting their company Xaox Inc. Based in Atlanta,
Xaox finds innovation solutions in re-purposed products. Their
philosophy is to create fun and functionality that enhances active



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