Relay Spray Introduces Wholesale Cleaning Products to Businesses

Relay Spray announces wholesale cleaning products to restaurants, diners, and cafes. The wholesaler sells economical disinfectant cleanser in bulk volume.

Norwich, Norfolk -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2013 --Relay Spray introduces low-cost wholesale cleaning products in bulk volume to food service establishments. The disinfectant spray contains safe environmental chemicals that don’t produce harsh smells. It cleans wood table tops after each food serving and removes stains, food droppings, and bacteria. The multi-surface spray is usable on all most surface top materials without causing damages and discolouration.

Relay Spray antibacterial cleanser is available in bulk quantities or singles. Overtime a single purchase is very costly and cause businesses to pay double the price of one. The cleansers are available in 1 case, half pallet, and a whole pallet. There are 250 bottles in the half pallet and 500 bottles in the whole pallet. There are tremendous savings when buying the bulk wholesale cleaning products.

The containers are biodegradable and environmentally safe to the general public. The use of the spray in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and diners isn’t harmful to customers. It destroys all type of germs and E. Coli which causes serious illnesses. Relay Spray is effective in the dining area, patio and kitchen.

A spokesperson said, “Relay Spray cleanser keeps customer facing tables clean and bacteria-free. It kills bacteria, removes difficult food stains, and spills. The cost is really cheap when purchasing the whole pallet, saving more than 200% off the original price of one bottle.”

About Relay Spray
Relay Spray is a wholesaler of disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning product for surfaces in restaurants, diners, cafes, motels, bars, and hotels. The wholesaler sells its products in bulk quantities to help businesses save. One bottle is very cheap when buying the whole pallet. To learn more about the wholesaler, visit Relay Spray website.

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