Filmmaker Michael P. Connelly Makes King Kong Type Movie For $20,000 And Writes A Book About Process That Could Change How Hollywood Movies Are Made In Future


West Hills, California, December 12, 2005 – Independent filmmaker Michael P. Connelly has written a book that describes in detail how anyone with a dream to make a movie can make their dream come true. How To Make a Movie with a Very, Very, Low Budget is the title, and it is a how-to book with a collection of stories from Connelly’s life as an independent filmmaker who just would not take “no” for an answer. Connelly has blazed a trail through the cracks of the Hollywood filmmaking system, and with this book he is telling all the other independent filmmakers of the world to follow his lead. He has learned how to circumvent the Hollywood system to get films made with very little money, and he wants to tell all aspiring filmmakers how he did it.
Connelly will stop at nothing to get his films made. In his book he talks about how his latest film took five years of his life to make and cost $20,000 of his own hard earned money. The film looks like it cost a lot more than that to make. Although he admits that it nearly drove him to exhaustion at times, Michael states that he “never doubted “ that he would “ever finish the film” he wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and animated. Angst And The Ice Age is the title, and it is a film that combines stop-motion creatures with live actors, in the spirit of the original King Kong movie from 1933, which is his favorite movie. He has been making stop-motion/live action films ever since he saw the original King Kong at the impressionable age of ten. The making of this film is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Connelly. It inspired him to write his book. He hopes that everyone who ever had a dream to make a movie will read it and learn how to make their film vision a reality.
Advances in technology, communications, printing, etc… have made the process of film production a lot cheaper than it used to be, and now the playing field has been leveled. How To Make a Movie with a Very, Very, Low Budget is a players manual for any aspiring filmmaker who wants to get in the game. If enough people take this book’s message to heart, there will be a lot more players in the game, and Hollywood films will be made for a lot less money in the future. This book speaks to those who aspire to make films for Hollywood. Michael P. Connelly wants to tell the world that “the door to the dream factory is now open, and all dream makers are welcome.”

About Michael P. Connelly

Michael P. Connelly is an Author, Artist, and Independent Filmmaker who works outside
the Hollywood system with very little money for project funding. He grew up in the West San Fernando Valley area of California, about twenty five minutes from Hollywood. Michael is a CSUN film school graduate, multi-faceted artist, and award-winning filmmaker who won the “Silver Award” in the short film category at Houston Worldfest in 1998, the same category whose list of past winners includes Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Soderbergh.

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