Offers Would-Be Singers Tips on How to Succeed

Hawthorne, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2014 --The music business is a fickle business – especially in the modern era of the Internet. Many people have claimed that the chance of someone succeeding as a singer or band today is slim to none. A new online blog, however, hopes to help the thousands of prospective singers and music artists out there succeed in their craft. has launched with a great blog dedicated to singing tips, resources and even music business help.

There are many theories that abound about finding success in the music business. Some are based on the number of “true fans” you can acquire, while others focus on the methods of monetization used. takes a different approach. The website focuses on improving the use of one’s voice and musical ability, alongside diligent promotion, networking and marketing.

“Most people think that they can just make some music and someone will discover them through Youtube,” says the owner of the website. “Although that may happen, it’s not as simple as that for most people.” Many people, she says, will not find success because they are going about it all the wrong way. And if they do hope for overnight celebrity, their music better be worthy of it.

That’s why the website has a major focus on improving vocal technique and musicality. Music is of primary importance it seems, when trying to cut through all the noise of the modern online music industry. “As much as marketing and getting heard is important, if your music isn’t stellar no one will give you a second chance.”

About is a blog that launched last year and has recently undergone a redesign. They have sections for beginners learning how to sing, experienced singers improving themselves and a blog which covers all aspects of the music business. To learn more or to learn how to sing like a star visit The Singer’s Corner.

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