Amid Coldest Winter in 60+ Years, Fair Service Says Your Heating Bills Don't Have to Be So High

Winnipeg heating company Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning says more residences should seriously consider energy efficient furnaces as customers pay much more this year on home heating costs. Rise in costs due to the extremely cold temperatures being seen across the country.


Winnipeg, Manitoba -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 --Much of North America has seen an unseasonably cold winter this year with a huge amount of snowfall. Many homeowners are feeling it in more ways than one – with higher than normal heating bills. But Winnipeg home heating company, Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning, says most residences can save substantially on their heating bills every year. The key, they say, is to use energy efficient equipment to heat the home. And it isn’t as expensive as we might think.

According to the Winnipeg Sun, the southern Canadian city has been experiencing the coldest winter in 64 years. Almost half of January 2014 was spent in -30 degree Celsius weather. Add to that the gigantic amount of snow the entire continent has been receiving and this winter is no joke. Cities across Canada and the United States – Winnipeg, included - are already “in the red” with their annual snow clearing budgets. Many residents complain of snow piles so high it’s hard to drive around corners.

But city governments aren’t the only one’s feeling a pinch on their pockets. Manitoba Hydro, the company responsible for electricity in Winnipeg, reported a 9% increase in domestic electricity revenue. This was directly related to this winter’s low temperatures and an increase in heating load. Many homes do not employ energy efficient furnaces and thus end up paying more for their home heating bills, especially in these extreme temperatures.

But Winnipeg’s own Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning says it doesn’t have to be this way. The company is a Manitoba Hydro certified contractor and a big advocate of energy efficient home appliances. “Many homes could really benefit from something like an energy efficient furnace. They do a great job heating the home but save you a lot of money in the long-term,” says Felix Gelman, owner of Fair Service.

“It may seem like a huge expense at first, but there are programs in place to help people who don’t think they can afford to make an upgrade.” And Felix isn’t the only one advocating for this. Manitoba Hydro itself, along with many other energy companies across North America, are pushing for energy efficient home appliances to help reduce the ever-increasing loads put on our energy grid.

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