Enter the Crazy Carry-On Contest and Win Free Luggage

SkyRoll wants travelers to send them photos and short videos of people trying to bring crazy things on their flight, the bigger and crazier the better. Their favorite submissions will receive a free SkyRoll roll-up garment bag.


Vienna, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2010 -- We've all been on flights where someone just has to break the rules. They're the ones who bring huge bags, boxes, and worse on board the plane. The stuff won't fit under the seat or in the overhead bin, or takes up the entire bin. Yes, airlines have gotten better at enforcing the carry-on rules but some people will always try to take advantage. Now instead of getting mad you can get even.

SkyRoll, a company that makes carry-on luggage wants your pictures and video clips of these inconsiderate travelers and their crazy carry-ons. SkyRoll has created the "Crazy Carry-On Contest". They want travelers to put their smart phones to good use and take pictures or video clips of the biggest, craziest things they see people trying to get on board a flight. The best submissions will receive a free SkyRoll garment bag.

"Now when you see someone in a heated argument with a gate agent or flight attendant about what's allowed on the plane, or someone struggling to stuff a gigantic suitcase into an overhead bin, record it and send it to us" says Don Chernoff, president of SkyRoll. "We want to show the world what is going on, and maybe shed some light on this problem. If we can make people and airline executives more aware of the problem, we just might contribute to the solution. In the meantime, we hope we can bring some humor to the traveling public."

Submissions should be sent to the "contact us" link at http://www.skyroll.com

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SkyRoll created the first roll-up garment bag and first wheeled suitcase with a wrap-around garment bag. SkyRoll carry-on luggage is the only luggage that lets you travel without folding your suit or dress. SkyRoll is available nationwide at all Men's Wearhouse stores. Contact us at http://www.skyroll.com.

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