Digital Publishing Solution - Three Steps to Make Interactive HTML5 Flip Book from PDF has released three simple steps for creating interactive page flip book from PDF and office file.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 provides their customers with amazing HTML5 digital publishing solution that makes interactive HTML5 flip book from PDF and office file with professional-looking makes conversion of every PDF file and office file into professional-looking for business or personal purposes very simple. The company provides people with 3 easy steps for making this conversion that will greatly increase their productivity and efficiency.

Business people can now very easily convert any file with all the information it contains in an eye-catching professional HTML5 Flipbook and publish it on their websites. The results are really astonishing, as the users will be able to create these HTML5 Flipbooks by themselves and enjoy their professional quality that exceeds the quality of the original PDF file. offers the following three simple steps to help their customers to do that easy and efficiently, saving a lot of time, money and hassles:

Step 1: Creation of a HTML5 flipbook with the help of the Flip HTML5 software. This is possible by importing a PDF file into the software that will automatically convert it into an interactive flipbook. After conversion is completed, people will be able to customize their HTML5 flipbook adding unique theme and template.

Step 2: Flip HTML5 software gives customers a chance to make their HTML5 flipbook more attractive by adding interactivity and rich media, such as hotspots, video, internal and external links and other HTML5 elements that will enrich the user experience. All these elements of interaction will help businesses to showcase their products or services and make an impression that static image cannot make, while the links will navigate clients’ way.

Step 3: The final step is publishing of the ready HTML5 flipbook online to cloud service, Facebook and to all other places that users would like to grab their prospects’ attention.

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