HTMl5 Publishing Tool by Flipbuilder to Optimize Content with Interactive eBook

The HTML5 publishing tool from, Flip PDF Professional, allows users to optimized their contents with interactive media.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 --When people see an interactive book it is assumed that a professional programmer put it together with hours of labor. Thanks to the new HTML5 publishing tool, Flip PDF Professional, it is possible to create these pieces of art on any computer. For those interested in creating brochures or other media rich documents this software makes it intuitive. No programming or computer experience is required. The software breaks it down into a simple drag-and-drop system where the photos and videos just slide into place and helps to optimize content with interactive ebook.

The professional version of this software is what really wins it over in the hearts of its users. Most the features are overkill for a basic novel. However, when creating children’s books or invitations the ability to insert images is priceless. One other prime example is cook books. This is a great place to add video and images. Many people choose to keep personal cookbooks online and this is a professional way to make and share them.

For those with internet marketing in mind, this interactive e-magazine maker program is invaluable. To start every piece that is created can have a brand stamped on it. This means that as it gets spread and floats around through cyberspace all readers see the true author. It is also possible to integrate all the top social media venues. Now it is easy for readers to share the book with friends. There is no way better to market a product then to let customers do it. This even allows people to post it on websites, where the publication provides a crucial link.

For those looking for just basic publications the standard version will suffice at a lower cost. However, endless business models exist with the pro version. One example can be seen by going back to the cooking example. Most ordinary cookbooks are just paper with a picture. A web based cook book can now provide video and voice commentary to aid the pictures and text. It looks more professional and is a much better way to explain the recipe to the readers. This is just one use for it but, the sky is the limit.

To read all about the software and details head on over to and take a few minutes to read through it. It is challenging to provide all the answers in just one brief article but, the products page does an excellent job of going through all the functions of the program. For addition questions feel free to check out the blog and see what other users feel about it.

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