Plano Veterinary Center Features Safe, Caring Pet Hotel for Dog and Cat Boarding

All Creatures of Plano Veterinary Center provides vet-assisted care, attention and fun for dogs and cats boarded at their Plano Pet Hotel


Plano, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2014 --All Creatures of Plano Veterinary Center offers caring, healthy, safe and fun boarding experiences for cats and dogs at their cozy, luxurious and friendly Pet Hotel. The features, care and design make each pet feel welcome and cared for as they enjoy activity, veterinary care and companionship while their owners are away. The Plano Pet Hotel is a place where each animal is given the care they need and the staff is there to help them enjoy a boarding experience, providing specific care and companionship for animals who may find the boarding experience stressful or scary otherwise.

The features of the Pet Hotel allow for each animal to receive the attention, treatment, care and activity they need and require to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. For shy cats who prefer their own company, there is the Cat Cozy Room, featuring luxurious, calm dens measuring 32” wide, 28.5” deep and 21.5” tall, crafted from stainless steel. These 12, custom-built cubbies create a private, self-contained environment for the pet who enjoys a bit of solitude. The entire cat area is designed as a quiet sanctuary set apart from the raucous pups, and features a large picture window that floods the area in warm, natural light.

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For the pups, the Plano Hotel Canine Condos provide each pet a luxurious private space far larger than regular sized kennels. Each on the 18 condo rooms is 4’ wide, 5’ deep and 7’ high with open tops, separated by private doors and dividers with a glass window looking out at the TVs or the play lawn. Each dog gets the feeling of ownership over their area and as close to at-home comfort and security as possible. Choices include Condo with TV view, Condo with Garden View and Condos with installed webcams for owners to check in while on the go. Canine Suites are ideal accommodations for flexible pups of various sizes. These deluxe accommodations feature a clear door that allows each dog an unobstructed view of the activity, a must for many breeds who benefit from general social interaction and hate to be separated when other dogs are active nearby. Each of the 7 rooms of this type is designed with a spacious 15’ squared off floor space, with 7’ dividers keeping everyone happy and comfortable.

Bathing and grooming are handled with top-of-the-line efficiency and high-tech salon-style attention. A Rheem tankless water heater provides temperate, clean water so each cat and dog enjoys a consistently warm wash. Shampoo is foamed up in an air-blended mix using the Hydrosurge system, which creates a sudsy spray that gently massages the pet during bathing. Wiggly, squirmy pets are often coaxed into a still, comfortable posture under the relaxing Hydrosurge suds massage. The grooming is finished with a blow dry and brush out by an experienced staff groomer, leaving each beloved animal smelling, looking and feeling great.

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