Forward Thinking Business Combine Forces To Assist Government Agencies, Cities And Municipalities With National Security

Stateline, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2006 --While homeland security is on everyone’s mind these days, the dollars available for our nation’s security remain scarce. It is with that sentiment that Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, The Elkan Group, and EmployACT Incorporated have teamed up to bring an unprecedented opportunity for government entities throughout the United States by creating The Save America Initiative Grant Fund. The fund is earmarked for any government agency, state, city, or town that has a need for any technological assistance.

“There are so many times technology can help in National Security” says Samuel Anderson, Executive Director and inventor of EmployACT and the exciting new disaster communications system ComAlert, “but getting money and help is almost impossible.”

Asked for an example, Anderson was quick to reply: “For example, a county sheriff might say ‘we could really use an inter-departmental database to communicate with each other in case of a terrorist attack’. The problem with that is the process of having to be at the mercy of emergency officials for review is mind boggling to say the least, never mind applying for a grant that will probably never come”, says Anderson. “This is where we come in”.

Anderson continued: “What we are expecting to happen is for cities throughout the country to contact us and tell us what their needs are in areas of technology. While we do not handle the physical items such as hospital beds, fuel, shelters or medicines, we do technology”

The fund is said to be in the millions of dollars and is continuing to grow every month. The exact dollar amount is not yet disclosed due to the participation of various individuals and corporate entities still involved in the fund process. “We can say that we have enough to really get a good head start on things if we wanted to”, says Anderson.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has budgeted $765MM for various grants to regions around the country for urban area security grants. Anderson comments: “This is not even close enough to do what is necessary for those who are at the vital areas of need. It leaves out literally hundreds of cities and government agencies that would like to have some part of this grant from the DHS. In fact, the Bay Area cities alone can easily take up over half of this with one single swoop just for one year. And that’s just the beginning”.

“I feel sorry for them”, says Joel Lieberman, a principle partner of The Elkan Group. “Plenty of cities and agencies are considered too small to even think about their security. While we are spending billions in a country half way around the world, we are leaving our own people and borders left at the mercy of fate. That’s why we did this.”

Anderson chimed in: “We offer a way for them to harness and use technology by several proven and effective ways. We have tremendous, cost effective tools that will last them for many decades to come” says Anderson

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Samuel Anderson is the owner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, which develops cutting edge products and puts patient, intelligent and experienced capital to work. ComAlert, SignRX and EmployACT are the result of a marriage of vision and technology, and are a leader in emergency and interpersonal communications. To learn more, visit the ComAlert website at or

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