Spread Your Wings & Fly: Pigeonholed Local Businesses Turning to Nett Solutions to Rise Back Up from Google's Most Recent "Pigeon" Update

Nett Solutions, a respected SEO provider and internet marketing firm, has managed to stay ahead of curve by relying upon their own unique algorithm: “Don’t fix what isn’t broken!”


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2014 --Nett Solutions (http://www.nettsolutions.com), is helping businesses that were pigeonholed by the most recent "Pigeon" algorithm update by Google get back to the top of the local search listings by using ethical, time-tested and white-hat SEO methods.

One constant about Google is that it's always changing. Over 100 updates are made each year to the way that the search engine algorithm functions and how it filters results (with scant few ever being publicized by the conglomerate).

That's how Google likes it to be.

The anti-spam department, which houses the infamously dreaded "deathbots" – ban-hammer admins that black-list websites for using unethical SEO tactics – are constantly updating the inner workings of the Google machine to deliver the most relevant results for users.

This time around, their most recent major update targeted local listings.

Nett Solutions, a respected SEO provider and internet marketing firm, has managed to stay ahead of curve by relying upon their own unique algorithm: "Don't fix what isn't broken!"

In doing so, they've managed to sustain their clients' local listings in lieu of what is, perhaps, the most impactful update made in years by Google.

Countering the "Pigeon" Google Update

In late July, 2014, Google issued the "Pigeon" update, a massive change in the algorithm that was being used to determine rankings for local search engine results.

The update effectively changed the entire SEO landscape for local marketers, relying closely on web ranking signals, distance-from-search query (of the business being research by a person), and location ranking integers.

The ranking update left many SEOs scrambling for answers for their local clients. But Nett Solutions saw minimal shift in rankings, due to the consistent and ethical, white-hat approach they've developed for marketing client websites.

"In the wake of the pigeon update, things are done a bit differently as far as how you would approach getting a local business to rank higher in the local results," explained a rep from Nett Solutions. "We found that our fine-tuned approached needed miniscule adjustment due to the efficacy of it—allowing us to continue along the path of helping our clients enjoy top local rankings using conventional SEO marketing approaches."

You can learn more about Nett Solutions and their trademark SEO approach by visiting them online at: http://www.nettsolutions.com

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