BioCare Systems Reveals Preliminary Results on Breakthrough Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) / Concussion

Research shows promise of reversing the effects of TBI in military members

Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2014 --BioCare Systems, Inc., an emerging medical technology company, revealed today that a 12 week application of its near infrared light therapy on a series of Soldiers and Airmen diagnosed with mild Traumatic Brain Injury resulted in significant reversal of TBI symptoms. Before treatment, the Soldiers displayed the hallmark symptoms of TBI: persistent suicidal ideation, depression, lack of impulse control, disrupted sleep patterns and chronic headaches. Applying its patented LumiWave® near infrared light therapy device (twenty-six 20-minute treatments over 12 weeks) combined with structured cognitive behavioral therapy and a prescribed exercise regimen resulted in nearly complete resolution of symptoms and a return to normal functioning in all 8 patients. The combined protocol is called the CAMPBELL Method. Brain scans of the Soldiers before treatment showed loss of normal blood flow in impacted areas of their brains. Post- treatment scans showed statistically significant improvement in blood flow to the affected areas of the brain. Importantly, the patients' TBI symptoms significantly dissipated, allowing them to return to normal functioning.

"We saw a three standard deviation improvement in circulation and blood flow in these patients," said Victoria Campbell, consulting & training clinician for the project and President and CEO of Campbell Consulting, LLC. "That equates to a 90% plus improvement. By restoring brain function, patients are better able to function physically and apply the coping strategies they learn through the behavioral therapy."

BioCare Systems and Campbell Consulting are collaborating on the Operation Stand Tall Against TBI project that expands their study to generate the data needed to obtain FDA approval and make the therapy broadly available to military and civilians alike. More than 300,000 military members have been diagnosed with TBI. Concussion issues impacting the NFL, college and high school athletics have further highlighted the problem.

Rallying The Military Community To Fund Research

"We have been seeking funding for a larger study through Department of Defense grants and other government sources," said Jon Weston, President and CEO of BioCare Systems. "Unfortunately, given the cut backs in defense, the money has not been forthcoming for the research. Therefore, we are going directly to serving military members, Veterans and the public to raise the funds for this important research."

Operation Stand Tall is planning a "crowdfunding" campaign to help finance the study. The campaign will go live in January on the popular website. The crowdfunding campaign will solicit donations from individuals reached through networking, social media and traditional media.

"We have already seen a great deal of interest and 'buzz' within the military community," said Victoria Campbell. "Virtually every military family is either directly impacted by TBI or knows someone with TBI. And right now, there are no viable alternatives for reversing TBI."

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About BioCare Systems
BioCare Systems, Inc. is located south of Denver in Parker, Colorado. BioCare's LumiWave light therapy device is cleared by FDA for treatment of pain from sprains, strains, lower back and arthritis. Recent improvements to their manufacturing process now makes this 200 LED professional device available for under $300. BioCare is continuing research to develop devices for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), depression and important applications for accelerated fracture healing, dental treatment, and other painful conditions.

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