Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Safe Ways to Reverse Sudden Holiday Weight Gain

Abrams Chiropractic in Seattle can help treat the negative physical and emotional toll of sudden weight gain and holiday eating habits


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2014 --The Seattle chiropractic and wellness professionals at Abrams Chiropractic do more than treat clients with a variety of pain symptoms and wellness goals. They can also provide safe, controllable methods and treatments for achieving weight loss goals that may have been sidelined during the holidays, and they can help reverse the negative effects of sudden weight fluctuations that can result in harmful long term conditions. Now that the holiday season has begun, many people find themselves struggling to maintain dietary and nutritional habits that may have taken months or even years to develop. Good eating habits are hard to maintain, and the ongoing buffet of home-cooked meals make it tough to stick to the no carb, no sugar, no alcohol or no caffeine regimen that keeps the body and mind fit and healthy.

Weight gain, especially sudden or short-term fluctuations, are damaging to the spine and nervous system. The effects of weight gain vary according to a person's activity level, gender, age and the type of weight, or target area, where the body stores unhealthy fat cells. Risks include type 2 diabetes, increased blood pressure, increased chance of stroke, breathing problems and dangerous sleep apnea. Weight gain also strains the spine and central nervous system, causing misalignments and subluxations that result in back pain and nervous system interference. Such interference means that the brain has a difficult time receiving the signals it needs, causing numbness, pain and a host of other problems. Weight gain also has detrimental emotional effects, like decreased self-confidence, increased depression and anxiety, less energy and lower quality of life. The more weight is gained, the more difficult it becomes to lose, and overall health and wellness suffers.

Many people cheat or abandon healthy eating habits during the holidays, and may find themselves unwilling or incapable or regaining the progress made toward a healthier weight and lifestyle. Along with proper chiropractic and wellness care, simple steps can be taken to reset a healthy, active lifestyle, or even just burn the extra calories ingested over the holidays. For example, parking farther away from the store injects a little extra exercise into a mundane activity. Take the stairs whenever possible, and take a walk daily. Proper hydration is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight, so be sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Make sure to get enough fiber and protein, which help the body burn fat and allow digestive functions to operate optimally. As always, stay away from processed foods and limit sugar whenever possible. With the right lifestyle choices and the help of a wellness professional, it's possible to defeat the holiday bulge and get back to a healthy mind and body, ensuring wonderful holidays for years to come.

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