Relief for Salt Cravings Found

Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2006 -- Most people in industrialized countries around the world eat too much salt. Though the dangers to health of eating too much salt have been well-publicised - edema, arthritis, gout, kidney stones, and high blood pressure that leads to heart disease and stroke - cutting back on refined salt has been easier said than done.

"The solution is simple," says Hilde Bschorr, owner of Himalayan Living Salt, an online purveyor of natural, unrefined, living salt products. "Most people are eating the wrong type of salt! The refined salt that is used for table salt and in most salted food products is an industrial product from which the nutrients found in natural salt have been removed. Our bodies know they need natural salt - it's Nature's design. When our bodies don't get those nutrients, they crave more salt."

Salt, as it occurs in the Earth, is a complex crystal containing eighty-four elements that are vital to life. These include hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sodium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, titanium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, zirconium, silver, iodine, platinum, gold, and many more.

Refined salt, however, is completely devoid of these nutrients. About 93 percent of salt production worldwide is used directly for industrial purposes. Salt is essential to make products such as laundry detergent, varnish, plastics and other products. For these industrial uses, chemical processes require pure sodium chloride. To obtain sodium chloride, all the essential minerals and trace elements are removed from natural salt and discarded as impurities. Industrial use makes available a large amount of inexpensive sodium chloride, which has become our standard salt for both table use and food preservation of processed foods.

But our bodies are not factories - they are living organisms. Our bodies contain the same salty liquid as that of the primal sea - a fluid consisting of water and salt. This flows through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels, regulating and balancing the functions of our bodies.

To replenish this sea, our bodies need natural salt. While our bodies require only 0.007 ounces of whole, natural salt per day (that's just about a pinch), we could eat sodium chloride - with only two of the eighty-four essential elements - all day long and still be deficient of the nutrients we need from real salt. Craving the nutrients found in natural salt, we eat more and more sodium chloride and set up a vicious cycle that results in more and more cravings.

Bschorr is optimistic that the incidence of ills caused by excessive salt intake can be greatly reduced. "When we eat natural salt and give our bodies the nutrients it needs, cravings disappear. Fortunately, today, whole natural salt is becoming more widely available. Even though it costs more than refined sodium chloride, it is full of the nutrients our bodies need. A little natural salt can go a long way to creating good health."

Himalayan Living Salt is an online purveyor of Himalayan Crystal Salt - the purest and most healthful salt on earth. In contrast to refined table salt, whole, natural, living salt contains all its original minerals and trace elements...just the way nature intended. In 2000, owner Hilde Bschorr began taking the salt in Germany. She had such an impressive improvement in her health that she decided to bring this salt and its health benefits online, wanting this basic fundamental to health to be available to others worldwide.

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