2039RockBottom Innovative "For Sale By Owner" Idea at Work

Green Bay, Wisconsin -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2006 -- An innovative man in Green Bay, WI has put together a simple website (www.2039RockBottom.com) featuring his house for sale in the Suamico (Northwest) section of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"This was a relatively simple thing to do." said Adam Peters, home-owner and creator behind http://www.2039RockBottom.com.

"It took me all day to snap some pictures, use a simple WYSIWYG web creation tool, register the site with godaddy.com and it was up. Pretty slick and simple if you know what you're doing."

Peters intends to use his website as an informational tool to support other For Sale By Owner tactics such as listing it in the local paper.

"This way people can go to the site, check out the pictures and get a better feel for the house. That way they learn more and they don't eat up my time or theirs through wasteful calls or visits. They can get to a decision faster and I can get to my seller faster. It's an efficient tool."

Peters also intends to offer his webservices to others looking to sell anything that warrants a website. "I'll help with anything for those interested." says Peters, "Everything of high value should have this tool, boats, houses, anything that is worth the price tag to build a site, register a URL and clutter up the Internet a bit more rather than get lost in an online classified. It all comes down to having a distinction that doesn't suck. If you can compliment it with appropriate marketing then you'll get your audience to it. You shouldn't expect the consumer to find you out of the blue. It's like having an open house and not advertising."

Check out the website at http://www.2039rockbottom.com. Please contact Mr. Peters at asp@itol.com for some other innovative ideas or if you're interested in his help. He's always looking to talk to experienced web programmers that are interested in testing their skills in some truly ambitious undertakings he has in mind.

"I have the ideas but never the time to learn the skills in depth. There's so much opportunity out there it just takes a leader to muster an army to conquer the digital landscape. I believe I can do that."

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