Launch New Website with Latest ReLixSyn Botox Alternative


Clinton Twp, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2015 is celebrating their new website launch alongside brand new product 'ReLixSyn', which is a multi-peptide Botox(tm) alternative. This is great news for regular botox users who are looking for a more affordable do-it-yourself alternative. Studies have revealed that Relixsyn produces 74% reduction of lines around the eye area - within 1 hour.

The new ReLixSyn product can be used on Crows feet, Forehead lines, Nasal labial folds, Jowel area and Neck areas. Platinum's super cool airless syringe holds 75 applications. The product also contains a range of other active ingredients, known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Relixsyn is available to purchase here: Users can purchase products like this using the shopping cart E-commerce solution, available on the website. The brand new user-friendly website allows users to conveniently browse and purchase products easier and hassle free.

Platinum Skin Care has a big goal. They aim to sell products with more active ingredients than anyone else. Potent products that work hard for you!

A statement on their website reads:
"We help everyday people who are suffering from wrinkles, acne, scarring and pigmentation to transform their complexions and improve their self esteem! Right in your own home, you will use products originally formulated for professionals".

Chemical Peel Specialists

Chemical peels are an innovative way to produce a smoother and less wrinkled skin. Because of the nature of a chemical peel, it is important to use certified, lab developed products like those available at These peels are an acid solution. They work by significantly lowering the PH level of your skin. When lowered past 5.0PH chemical peels dissolve unwanted gum from layers of old skin build up, this is normally a collection of dead cells. This process takes around 3-5 days. A peeling effect happens on the skin, this leaves behind a smoother looking, less wrinkled appearance. creates chemical peels which are certified and guaranteed. They are also formulated to counter-act any negative effects for a more comfortable peeling experience. For example, some of their more drying acids in products contain natural moisturizers. In addition, some of the more irritating acids contain menthol, which will give a cooling sensation to combat heat after an application.

More exciting features are due in the future for Platinumskincare, this includes a VIP member section, new Skin Regime products and an affiliate program. By using the affiliate program, users of the website will be able to generate their own commission, from promoting products on the Platinum Skincare website. If you're confident you can promote these effective skin care products, you could start earning yourself an extra chunk of money.

As technology progresses, so does Platinum Skin Care's treatments and speciality products. With the help of Platinum Skin Care, people are now able to carry out professional skin preparations in the comfort of their home. Skin care products have become a lot more user friendly, more effective. New skin applications are rivaling out-dated and expensive procedures.

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Woman owned and operated, Platinum Skin Care (now teamed with Margo Esthetics) has been helping people achieve skin care success since 2001. They offer a solution for all skin types including acne scars, anti aging and skin care for all ages, male or female.

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