Move Over, Budweiser, Neff Associates President David Neff to Lend His Expertise on the Evolution of Super Bowl Advertising

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2015 --When you think about Super Bowl advertising, the commercials and Pepsi halftime show most likely cross your mind. BMW, Anheuser-Busch, Doritos, and Go Daddy are some of the big brands known for their creative, memorable commercials. These are all a result of hard work, months of planning and a big spend for the Super Bowl spot – but this might be on the brink of a big change.

This year, companies have learned something from the football game itself: teamwork. In order to cut costs, maximize creativity and produce a different kind of buzz, brands are joining forces. Newcastle Brown Ale is leading the way by "crowdsourcing" their Super Bowl ads. This means that numerous marketers' logos and messages will appear in a single commercial. The catch? The "crowdfunded" ad is a regional buy. Although it won't appear nationally, costs will be cut as marketing moguls such as Boost Mobile, Sharper Image and Beanitos join forces as the #BandofBrands to target influential, regional markets.

"Advertising is constantly evolving, and brands of all sizes want to have a chance at the biggest event of the year," says President and Founder David Neff of Old City's Neff Associates. "Marketers spend months and months of time generating a 30-second spot that can make or break a brand's creative credibility. By crowdsourcing an ad, brands don't put themselves at total creative and financial risk."

Moreover, Neff notes that targeting specific markets (rather than working for a nationwide spot) allows advertisers to personalize the spots. Smaller brands, like Krave Jerky, Brawny and Polished Dental, can make a big impact with key markets when everyone's eyes are on the game.

With the 2015 Super Bowl less than a week away, it's too soon to predict whether this year's advertising strategy will bring these team players a win or loss. Being the creative leaders of advertising in Philadelphia, Neff Associates has a wealth of knowledge and insight to contribute in forecasting the success – or lack thereof – in this year's Super Bowl commercials.

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