Livermore Sedation Dentist Unveils New IV Conscious Sedation Dentistry Technique

Livermore, CA sedation dentist Dr. Endre Selmeczy provides modern sedation dentistry techniques for patients with severe anxiety toward oral care or adverse reactions to other sedation methods


Livermore, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2015 --Livermore, CA general, cosmetic and sedation dentist Dr. Endre Selmeczy is pleased to announce the introduction of Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation as an option for patients seeking sedation dentistry procedures in California. Dr. Selmeczy knows that some patients, though they realize the importance of regular dental visits and wish to maintain proper hygiene and checkups, or perhaps need to have emergency treatment, suffer extreme bouts of anxiety, fear, stress and discomfort while undergoing dental care, and require advanced methods of sedation in order to have necessary procedures done smoothly and safely. In these cases, sedation dentistry is the answer.

Oral sedation is often a life-changing way to treat patients with these severe adverse emotions towards dentistry. Sedation dentistry often involves putting patients to sleep, or in a near-sleep-like state, so that they are unaware or unconscious during treatment, and wake up hours later feeling refreshed, with no negative memories of the procedure. This is accomplished by giving the patient a pill, and providing a comfortable place to rest and fall into sedation. This allows the doctor and staff to attend to treatment, from general cleaning to cosmetic procedures and even emergency dentistry with a minimum of interference and anxiety for the patient.

IV conscious sedation differs in that the state of relaxation is introduced and controlled with medications applied with an intravenous catheter. IV conscious sedation differs from traditional sedation dentistry in that the patient remains awake but in an extremely relaxed, removed state, virtually unaware of what is happening, remaining calm and peaceful while Dr. Selmeczy is able to perform the necessary procedures safely, efficiently, without interruption and without discomfort or anxiety for the patient. The IV application allows Dr. Selmeczy to adjust the amount of sedation in order to maintain the optimal level of sedation for the patient. Sedation dentistry is the ideal way to have crucial procedures successfully accomplished without anxiety, duress or even negative memories of the treatment performed. To learn more about the ultimate in comfortable, stress-free dentistry, visit Dr. Selmeczy online at

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