Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Introduces New Hands-on Kit

Supplier for hand papermaking launches educational kit for corporations, organizations and classrooms


Milwaukee, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2015 --Arnold Grummer's® Papermaking, a retailer of paper recycling kits for art and science education, is pleased to announce its new Jumbo Seed Paper Flowers (TM) Card Making Kit, for kids ages 4-10. This new kit rounds out the company's lineup of successful, hands-on activity sets for school, community and corporate programs.

Kits from Arnold Grummer's® Papermaking are classroom tested and come with supplies and clear directions to create beautiful, handmade paper in almost any setting. Participants add water to waste paper in a blender to create pulp, then use kit supplies to find themselves with a stunning piece of dry, finished paper in minutes. Finished paper can be used for anything from stationary, to cards, to paper for a book, poem or display.

Each kit offered by Arnold Grummer's focuses on a unique demographic to bring the experience of recycling and papermaking to people of all ages.

The new Jumbo Seed Paper Flowers (TM) Card Making Kit (#2705) is ideal for young children and comes with the option to embed seeds into paper, which can then be planted to produce flowers in a pot or outdoor garden.

The Let's Make Paper! (TM) Classroom Kit (#104) can be used to supplement learning activities for children ages 5-14. This set produces recycled, handmade paper in circles or fun shapes.

The Papermill (TM) Station (#304) or Papermill (TM) PRO Station (#502) kits meet the needs of young adults and adults alike, with a successful and satisfying recycling and art experience. Participants create a stationary to full-size sheets in minutes. This kit is ideal for education, outreach and events.

"Papermaking by recycling isn't just fun, it's a great teaching tool," said Kim Schiedermayer, Vice President of Arnold Grummer's® Papermaking. "Recycling and sustainability are vital topics that affect us all. What better way to learn than through a process that duplicates the steps industry takes to recycle wastepaper? And then, at the end, everyone has a recycled, handmade sheet to take home. Everyone leaves happy."

In conjunction with its new product launch, Arnold Grummer's® Papermaking is also seeking to introduce itself to industries that actively participate in environmental education, such as the waste management, forestry, paper and environmental services industries.

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About Arnold Grummer
Arnold Grummer (1923-2012) was internationally recognized as an author, inventor, educator and ambassador for the paper industry. After inventing Tin Can Papermaking for an exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, Grummer continued developing quality kits for educators, writing, and creating instructional videos. Grummer was inducted into the International Paper Industry Hall of Fame (2012), and received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Friends of Dard Hunter, Society of Hand Papermakers (1999). Grummer's work as an educator continues today through his books, kits, and a thriving YouTube channel with more than 300,000 views.

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