EasyAcc Salutes iPhone 5s by Re-Launching Its Battery Case

EasyAcc via http://www.amazon.com/easyacc is re-launching iPhone 5s power and protection accessories.


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2015 --Thinking back the date when you got the new released iPhone 5s, it could be regarded as a good evidence to show that you were the person pursuing high quality of life relentlessly. Or the iPhone 5s is the representation of the personal qualities and the highlight of the distinct characteristics. But now, with the in-depth advancement of technology, much more expectations, that is, longer battery life, stronger resistance to accidental drops, and even more impressive interface, are fell on the ever smashing iPhone 5s.

I've looked at many battery cases for the iPhone 5s, and most of them could well done the job you've expected. But from a more subjective point, the EasyAcc iPhone 5s Battery Case can perform more excellently.

It was a fact that the iPhone 5s's battery life wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome, either. With careful use, the battery could last all day; if upon hard working, however, particularly on a trip, a battery case is essential enough for recharging and keeping connected. Allocated with a piece of 2200mAh grade-A lithium-polymer battery can supplement a 100% additional battery life, or detailed speaking, a maximum of 250 hours of standby time, 10 hours of video playback time, 40 hours of audio playback time, 10 hours of talk time, and 10 hours of web surfing. And at the same time, the full MFi Apple certification of the Lightning connector, there is no need to worry about incompatibility or harming the phone.

When toggling on the iPhone 5s, the case only doubles the iPhone's thickness (adds 6.1mm); the reinforced industrial-grade case creates prime protection for your prime phone, with the approval of CE, FCC and RoHS certified by both EU and U.S. for safety and eco-friendliness. If the world ever thought that the NOKIA is the strongest phone to drops and scratches, the Case is the transformer for the iPhone 5s.

The time is a time for shouting out and expressing oneself, or it was the chance for the creation the ever iPhone 5c. EasyAcc Colorful iPhone 5s Battery Case, in 2 different materials, totals up to 8 colors, that is, the Black, the White, the Golden, the Metal Blue, the Metal Gray, the Metal Red, the UV-Black, the UV-Golden and UV-Gray. If the Black shows the responsibility; if the Blue shows prudence; if the Red shows enthusiasm; if the Golden shows gorgeousness; what you will be? Or what you will want to be?

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