Participate in a Gastroparesis Clinical Trial at Avail Clinical Research in DeLand, FL

The staff at Avail Clinical Research is looking to enroll diabetics in the local area who have developed gastroparesis. Participating in a clinical trial can provide new insights into what causes this common gastric disorder and how to prevent it.


DeLand, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2015 --*Want to learn more about the clinical trials being conducted at Avail's clinic in DeLand? Check out the trial page at or contact them directly at 386-785-2404.

The Effects of Gastroparesis on Diabetics

It's estimated that about 5 million Americans are living with this gastric disorder-- many of them diabetics. Gastroparesis causes delayed emptying of the stomach. This happens when the vagus nerve is damaged or stops working-- effectively slowing or even stopping movement of consumed food.

Similar to diabetic neuropathy, diabetes can inflict irreparable damage to the vagus nerve when glucose levels are poorly managed. High blood sugar produces a chemical reaction in the nerves that damages the blood vessels carrying essential nutrients and oxygen.

For anyone living with diabetes, gastroparesis will complicate things when left untreated. The most common symptoms of gastroparesis, include:

- Heartburn or acid reflux
- Reduced appetite
- Abdominal pain
- Abdominal bloating
- Nausea and/or vomiting

Gastroparesis Clinical Trials Need Volunteers

With more than 26 million Americans living with diabetes, there are many will benefit from improved gastroparesis therapies. Clinical trials provide the data needed to develop better treatment strategies and prevention methods. Clinics like Avail Clinical Research are looking for people who want to take a more direct role in their health care.

Most medications today wouldn't be available if it weren't for research studies like this one. Yet, it remains challenging for many clinics to meet their enrollment goals. Avail seeks to change this trend by educating more in DeLand, FL about the benefits of clinical trial participation.

These benefits include:

- Access to premium medical care free-of-charge
- Access to medical treatment without needing to have health insurance
- The opportunity to take a more direct role in their health care

Study Qualification and Informed Consent Policy

Anyone who applies for enrollment in a gastroparesis clinical trial will be screened against a set group of requirements. Inclusion criteria are unique to each research study and vary depending on the study protocol. Avail's skilled team of doctors screen all patients prior to enrollment. Each participant will also need to submit a signed informed consent form before they can participate.

This last item is very important as it signifies the patient's full understanding of the procedures, methods and potential risks involved in participation. Research volunteers are encouraged to ask Avail's research staff any questions that they may have. They should also know they can remove themselves from the clinical trial at any point.

The Premier Phase I Clinic in Central Florida

Avail maintains a 14,500 square foot, state-of-the-art research facility that is located within walking distance of Florida Hospital DeLand. The clinic's staff maintains a strong relationship with the hospital, but is fully-equipped to run complex clinical trials for indications like diabetes, hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis.

The dedicated Phase I unit is one of the best in the Sunshine State and can accommodate up to 50 overnight patients at a time. Their Phase I team has decades of combined experience and will ensure that each participant's needs are met during their stay at the clinic.

For Sponsors and CRO's

About Avail Clinical Research
Finding the appropriate clinic for a new medication can be extremely difficult. With more than 800 successful trials under their belt, Avail has a proven track record meeting enrollment goals. Contract research organizations (CRO's) and sponsors can rest assured that they won't find a better research facility in Central Florida.

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