Ipad Air 2 Scary New Rival, the Nester Iris

Nester which is a New Tech company based in NYC has just released a deal breaker Android Tablet with revolutionary UI Design, specs that beats the Ipad Air 2 and a Free Bluetooth Keyboard while just costing $249.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2015 --They are known as the Deal Breaker. The Nester Iris being named this way because of its Ultra High Resolution Display which also has really great viewing angles while also packing a glass display which makes the difference from the cheap plastic display found on other more expensive devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The Nester Iris Display is rated to be even sharper than most 4K HDTV.

Another Great feature of the Iris which sets it apart from the competition is its Procession Unit which is 60% more powerful than the CPU found on popular Tablet like the Galaxy Tab 4 and has also two times the amount of ram found on the Iphone 6 or many other Tablets ranging from 300$ or more.

The Nester Iris comes standard with 32Gb of Storage with an extra 8Gb on board which is even higher than the standard storage found on devices like the Ipad Air or many other devices which usually start around 8Gb.

One of the Most amazing point about the Nester Iris is its killer battery which is the highest ever achieved : 10,000Mah which is like 4 times the battery found on the Iphone 6.

The Nester Iris does have other great features that won't be found on Apple devices like HDMI port, OTG ready ports which allows you to use any keyboard mouse but also a Free Bluetooth Wireless rechargeable keyboard which protects the already scratch resistant when flipped.
Packing dual HD cameras. Selfies become a breeze.

The biggest key point of the Iris is the killer UI design which is nothing like anything that has been previously offered on any other Tablets. For the first time it is being offered to the public a device which doesn't lags or freezes. Really effective task management. The Nester Iris although having a very unique system design is still compatible with all the 1 million android apps.

Now here's the real point about the Nester Iris. It packs more power more features than devices like the Ipad Air 2 which cost around $500 and more but it only cost $249 with free shipping. Now that's revolutionary.

You can find more information about the product on http://nesterusa.com

About Nester
We are a revolutionary team of dreamers thinkers movers who believe that more can be brought to this world than just products targeting profits.
In fact what makes us different from the competition is the fact that we're doing what we're doing not because we're running after money but because we love what we're doing.

What We Do
We are the deal breaker. Revolutionaries. We are the relief to your spending. We are here to lead a revolution in every point of your life. We believe in the impossible and will seek every way of making it a reality.

We refuse to do anything usual. We think differently as we live differently. We're true to our core.

When it comes to projects, the Nester Iris was just a debut like a pre-taste of what is to come. We have countless projects that will shake this world when we will release them. Just hold tight, because we're just warming up. The best has not yet landed on paper. Get ready to be amazed in a whole new way.

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