ExpenseAnywhere Launches Travel and Expense Management Portal for India

Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2015 --ExpenseAnywhere a global provider of corporate travel and expense management automation solutions announces a cloud-based ExpenseAnywhere Portal, which offers the most robust and highly integrated travel and expense management automation solution for business in India.

The ExpenseAnywhere Portal is the first and only holistic travel and expense management automation solution designed to meet the needs of Indian companies. The Portal integrates the ExpenseAnywhere global expense management system with the online travel booking tools, and the ancillary travel services providers' to deliver complete automation of the corporate T&E processes. Thereby, providing a single platform for corporations to manage all their travel and expense management processes.

The ExpenseAnywhere Portal provides a paradigm shift in the automation of travel and expense management processes that are driven by manual, paper-based systems, and legacy operating models which deliver sub-optimal ROI with little to no transparency.

The ExpenseAnywhere Portal empowers business travelers with real-time access to various travel services including air, hotel, chauffeured car services, rail and bus reservations, travel insurances, and foreign currency advances. Integrated with all GDS airlines and low-cost carriers, the Portal displays the available flights for travel within India as well as to international destinations; provides a live available inventory from hotels, guesthouses, and corporate apartments.

ExpenseAnywhere portal provides unparalleled functionality that supports 1) Employee self-booking, 2) Travel-Arranger managed travel bookings, 3) Multi-TMC provided services for one or many travel components. With the built-in travel authorization functionality, business travelers can instantly obtain "Cost of Travel" approval prior to booking travel. The system validates the final travel itinerary data with the TMC invoices, corporate card charges, and receipts to automatically create an expense report ready for submission. ExpenseAnywhere Portal integrates with all ERP systems, provides phenomenal spend analytics, and is accessible from any mobile device or networked desktop. So whether you are on the road or in the office, you can connect to the portal.

The Portal provides an easy plug and play interface, so other travel management companies (TMC's) can easily integrate with the Platform. So, the businesses' wishing to keep their current TMC's can still benefit from the enhanced power of the Portal in automating their expense management processes and strategically managing corporate spend.

Dr. Ashok Dhar, President of ExpenseAnywhere said, "We are excited to be the first in India to launch a highly sophisticated ExpenseAnywhere Portal, which integrates various travel services providers into the ExpenseAnywhere eco-system, so businesses in India can benefit from a higher-value travel and expense management automation solution." Dr. Dhar further added "Companies in India are ready to embrace the tools and technologies that can automate their processes and reduce their costs. We are encouraged by the overwhelming response from business in India and anticipate substantial growth in headcount and revenue from our India operations."

About ExpenseAnywhere
ExpenseAnywhere headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA is a global provider corporate travel & expense management solutions. With offices in three continents and clients around the globe, ExpenseAnywhere provides leading edge cloud based solutions for corporate spend management. ExpenseAnywhere products include a family of travel and expense management solutions for small, medium and large global enterprises; and Accounts Payable automation solutions that include InvoiceAnywhere, for Supplier Invoice Management and, PurchaseAnywhere, for the management of Purchase Card charges.

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