The Solution to the California Drought Is Shamanic Magic with Vogel Phi Crystals

Shamanic Gathering Will Be Hosted At Mt. Shasta California To Repair The Drought

Edmonton, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy is inviting people of all races and creeds from all over the world to Join together at Mt. Shasta California to repair the damage caused by drought. California is known as the bread basket of North America and a water shortage there is increasing Food Prices across North America and the world effecting us all. The solution to the drought in California is simple and available to us all. There are also well known weather weapons and Geo-Engineering weather modification programs that are negatively effecting the weather in California. This has been documented by various people and websites on the internet.

Shamans and Native Americans know that when resonating the earths electromagnetic field as shown in this video, we can bring balance back to the earths ecological systems.

Vogel Crystals have been shown by Marcel Vogel at IBM labs to amplify thoughts, and can be used to increase the resonance with the earths field.

Mt. Shasta is a power vortex on the planet and is a ideal place to host shamanic rain ceremonies. The energy that exists at this particular powerspot can be channeled to affect great change on the planet in a positive way that can help mankind. The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy website will be offering free energy clearings and energy techniques for all those that wish to join this sacred journey. All that is required to help the planet is to spread love; the outer world will reflect the beauty within. If anyone cannot attend directly, they will still be able to participate wherever they may be.

For dates and times, please join us at the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy Forum or at Joe Eigo's Facebook page

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