Sovereign Health Group Sets Up Series of Seminars for April

Sovereign Health institutes comprehensive collection of C.E. events that address addiction


San Clemente, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --Continuing a tradition of educational addiction and mental health seminars throughout the year, Sovereign Health announces a line-up of expert guest lecturers to offer their respective knowledge of addiction. The continuing education (C.E.) seminars will take place throughout Sovereign's Southern California locations and each event will address a variety of unique aspects related to addiction management.

April's first event, "Restoring Desire in Sexually Addictive Couples," will be held on April 8th at the company's flagship San Clemente location. Presented by Earl R. Henslin, Psy.D., the seminar will focus on the steps to take in order to restore the functioning dynamic in sexually addictive couples. Furthermore, it will introduce the Amen Brain System Checklist, which will educate attendees about the interconnected structure of the brain and how neurochemical activity impacts intimacy in addictive couples. Dr. Henslin advocates that a heightened sense of cognitive functioning is a key factor in living a balanced life of sobriety and closeness among addictive couples.

On April 9th, Sovereign's Culver City location will be hosting an event called, "The Role of Stress and Anxiety on Addiction Recovery," featuring Dr. David Rubenstein. The Ph.D. holder will explore how to methodically transform stress into a source of empowerment throughout the healing process. Both patients and practitioners can utilize this physiological response to improve the rate of recovery. Specifically, the discussion will provide step by step instructions on the process of stress diversion and review the underlying science behind the development of stress, anxiety and trauma for improved recovery results in cases of addiction.

Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego will also welcome speaker Devin Price, LMFT, on April 14th. Price will discuss "Substance Use Amongst Teens in Military Families: Their brains, behaviors and challenges," which will look into the lives of military teenagers and their respective risk for substance use. Overall, the seminar will explore adolescent development, contributing factors to drug use and effective treatment options within military culture. Price will share unique examples of the average military teen's set of amplified challenges as well.

"Military kids are frequently the most resilient and joyful children that I've ever had the pleasure to work with," said Price. "These challenges can impact them emotionally and potentially impede successful milestone development."

To close out this eventful month, the health group will offer an online seminar on April 15th. Warmly welcoming Dr. Leslee Brown with her presentation, "Travel Psychology: How to earn CEU's and boost the power of your CV on International short courses," she will discuss how to equip oneself with problem solving tools as well as the range of opportunities that exist to earn continuing education units (CEU) that will enhance a recovering individual's professional resume. This webinar will cover all the creatively and cognitively boosting effects of international travel.

"I believe that to know where one is and where one is going, one must know where we came from," said Brown.

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Visit the following links to learn more or register for any of Sovereign's April events: Henslin's "Restoring Desire in Sexually Addictive Couples" on April 8th, Rubenstein's "Role of Stress and Anxiety on Addiction Recovery" on the 9th, Price's "Substance Use Amongst Teens in Military Families: Their brains, behaviors, and challenges" on the 14th, and Brown's "Travel Psychology: How to earn CEU's and boost the power of your CV on International short courses" on April 15th.

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