Dr. Kenneth Blum Resigns Position at OMICS Group to Focus on Innovative New Journals


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2015 --Effective immediately, Kenneth Blum, Ph.D., DHL is resigning his position as Editors in-Chief for OMICS Group's journals: Addiction Research & Therapy (JART), Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy (JGSGT), Genetic Disorders & Genetic Reports (JGDGR) and as an Editorial board member of Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse and a number of their other Journals so that he can pursue a new direction closer to his heart. During his tenure with OMICS, Dr. Blum has contributed to the group's extremely successful efforts in obtaining world-class editorials and the development of one of the most successful Addiction Conferences. Dr. Blum is applicative of the time he spent with OMICS Group and wishes his colleagues only the best.

Dr. Blum is a renowned Neuroscientist specializing in Psychiatric Genetics and one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of dopamine. His co-discovery with Dr. Ernest Noble of the 'reward gene' (DRD2 A1) sometimes referred to as the 'addiction gene,' made global headlines. Dr. Blum's paper: Allelic Association Of Human Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene In Alcoholism (JAMA 263: 2055–1990 Apr 18), published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on April 18, 1990, completely changed how we view and treat addiction. Subsequent discoveries lead Dr. Blum to coin the phrases "Brain Reward Cascade" and "Reward Deficiency Syndrome." Dr. Blum is considered by his contemporizes to be the father of "Psychiatric Genetics" and Neuroadaptagen Amino-Acid Therapy (NAAT). Prof. Blum is a volunteer Professor, in both the Departments of Psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine and McKnight Brain Institute and at the University of Vermont.

In the near future, Dr. Blum will be focusing his efforts on what he considers to be one of his most consequential endeavors to date; Editor-In-Chief of "The Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome" and Co-Editor-In-Chief of "The Journal of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry and Neurology;" all are subsidiaries of United Scientific Group (USG). He will also be directly involved in the development of new Medical/Scientific/Research conferences presented by USG including the "Inaugural Reward Deficiency Syndrome Summit" (RDS-1) scheduled for November 2015 in San Francisco. According to Dr. Blum; "RDS touches all of us, either directly or indirectly, every single day. The realization and understanding of RDS is emerging but not at a pace commensurate with the influence this condition has on our everyday lives. "My colleagues and I felt it was time to focus mainly on the research of Reward Deficiency Syndrome as a way to foster a better understanding of the condition and encourage new study. The Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome will provide a platform for the understanding of the commonality of brain function in substance and non-substance addictive behaviors."

In addition to his editor positions, Dr. Blum is also the Founding President of United Scientific Group. USG is an academic publishing forum developed by noted scientists from Universities across America and the world who are dedicated to expert delivery of rigorously peer reviewed, high quality medical and scientific articles.

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About Kenneth Blum
CREDENTIALS: Kenneth Blum, B.Sc. (Pharmacy), M.Sc., Ph.D. & DHL; received his Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology from New York Medical College and graduated from Columbia University and New Jersey College of Medicine. He also received a doctor of humane letters from Saint Martin's University Lacey, WA. He has published more than 550 abstracts; peer-reviewed articles and 14-books. Dr. Blum has been the recipient of many NIH grants and numerous awards including the prestigious Life-Time Achievement in Addiction Medicine from The Holistic Institute of Addiction Studies and The Presidential Award for Scientific Excellence from National Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Councilors. Currently, Dr. Blum is serving as Editor-In-Chief of "Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome" and co-Editor-In-Chief of "Journal of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry and Neurology" and is on 7 prestigious journal editorial boards. Prof. Blum is also a founder President of USG and also founder President of USG Editors Association (USGEA).

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