Widry Platform Quickly Creates Multiple Responsive Websites Easily Managed from One Dashboard

Widry sets a new standard by giving small business owners and creative entrepreneurs the freedom to create multiple websites from one account. With no coding required, the website maker launches sites within minutes with integrated features and a minimalistic design.


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2015 --Answering to a competitive marketplace where entrepreneurs and creatives manage multiple brands, Widry Ltd. launches a game-changing website builder. Designed to allow its users to create unlimited responsive websites Widry.com is simplistically convenient. With no programming experience necessary, its users can manage multiple websites with integrated features and a dynamic dashboard that's as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

Merging myriad benefits, the website maker offers clean designs that look as if they were built by a coding genius. But there's no coding skills necessary to use them. Using a real-time visual editor to build a website layout virtually on its own, Widry's approach is simple. One, there's no coding. Two, there's clean design. Three, sites launch within minutes. A Widry user need only design a website once and immediately it's responsive on all devices.

Designed for the business sector as well as personal use, Widry.com makes it simple for creative entrepreneurs to show their work. Perfect for prototyping, the website builder allows creatives to share ongoing progress and get feedback from customers and co-workers. Dually, makers can also easily undertake multiple projects at a time as their websites are clearly sorted on their dashboard. There they can manage projects, portfolios and client sites with a few simple clicks. Making things even simpler, there's no outside hosting required. Widry handles that too with an advanced file manager via the cloud.

Pavol Sumichrast, co-founder of Widry said of the new free website builder, "We all have one thing in common at Widry, we want people to explore more creative freedom. A website is a blank canvas where each pixel builds your identity. We want to help small business owners, freelancers, artists and start-ups build their own, and their client's, brands. Bloggers can post anything they like. Images, videos, text, maps, quotes. It's all there for them. Widry's the perfect place to start."

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About Widry Ltd.
Widry Ltd. is a company comprised of web designers, developers and social media specialists with 10 years combined experience based in the UK. The company has most recently launched their flagship platform, Widry. Widry.com allows users to easily create unlimited responsive websites with the use of a real-time visual editor. The website builder requires no user coding skill and lends itself to simplistic navigation tools so websites can go live immediately.

Catering to creativity there's only one fee for multiple sites. And the same license can be used for personal or commercial use as well.

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