Offers Free PowerPoint Alternative That Brings Presentations to Life offers powerful solutions for users that want to create stunning presentations and other digital publications. Their dynamic presentation software offers amazing functionality, media rich features, and the ability to create lifelike presentations that are unmatched.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2015 --The creators of have outdone themselves once again, by creating a powerful online software platform that will enable users to give their presentations the vitality they deserve. Companies that are looking for a free PowerPoint alternative presentation program will be thrilled with the media rich features, ease of use, multi-language capabilities, and other benefits that the software provides. Focusky has been dubbed as the "best free PowerPoint alternative in 2015", and for good reason. Although it is currently a competitor to Prezi and PowerPoint, it has many unique and professional features that give it an edge over both competitors. This new generation software is set to change the way that professionals give presentations in more ways than one. Its life-life visual appearance takes presentations from being dull and boring, to exciting, effective, and fun!

Since Focusky first released the software platform two years ago, they have grown by leaps and bounds to have hundreds of thousands of influential clients from around the world. Registration is free of charge, and users have the option of choosing a premium upgrade package to gain phenomenal features that will enable them to create high-class, visually appealing presentations like never before. This software is extremely beneficial for individuals and small businesses that need competitive and affordable options to convey their messages in quality presentations that will make a positive impact on their target audiences.

Focusky isn't designed to be an outright PowerPoint killer. It is simply designed to provide users with an entirely different way to conceive and create commanding presentations that make viewers want to see more. Everything appears visual and lifelike to make the presentations interesting and dynamic. In particular, the way the presentation zooms from one visual to the next is a feature that users seem to love. Presentations that are created with Focusky can be embedded with videos, audio, dynamic text, dynamic scenes, rotation, and other great media options. In addition, hundreds of vibrant templates are available and can be used and modified with ease. All in all, Focusky gives users options to think differently about the way they present ideas to their audience members.

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