Investors Receive the Opportunity to Be Part of the Launch of Innovative Solution to Sleep Disorders


Cambridge, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2015 --Cambridge Sound Technologies, the developer of the groundbreaking Sleep Infuser sleep solution has come up with an equally groundbreaking way of funding the proven technology's development and is offering up to five hundred investors the opportunity to reap the rewards.

Rather than seeking crowd funding or offering shares which may not be available to people in all locations, the company took the decision to offer a select group of investors the chance to receive a share in all future profits from the Sleep Infuser forever, thus giving them part-ownership of the product. For the initial start-up, Cambridge Sound Technologies will welcome five hundred investors into its Founders' Club, giving them the opportunity to purchase a Sleep Infuser for the price of £1,000 ($US 1,550) and share in the technology's profits for life, as their investment will deliver an equivalent percentage of ownership going forward. Unlike shares, the opportunity is available to investors no matter where they are located.

Sleep disorders are nothing less than a modern epidemic, with between fifty and seventy million Americans estimated to be affected. In all, one in three people may experience the misery of sleeplessness at some point in their lives; meanwhile, many others consider poor quality sleep simply a fact of life. The causes of sleeplessness are many and varied and may include anything from stress at work, financial troubles or personal problems. Pills may provide a short-term answer, but they do little more than mask the problem.

Tests on the Sleep Infuser prototype have delivered heartening news for sufferers: the technology gained the enthusiastic support of the test subjects—most of whom have requested to keep the prototype after testing was completed. The technology works by inducing healthy sleep patterns, helping people to return to their natural sleep cycle with the result that they are able to experience the benefits of a good night's sleep not just once in a while, but night after night. The Sleep Infuser tackles the biological causes of sleeplessness, which could be either an overactive circadian alerting system (which keeps people awake) or an underactive homeostatic sleep drive (which allows them to sleep). By means of a complex pattern of sounds and pulses, the Sleep Infuser retrains the brain to balance itself, in doing so overwriting the user's bad sleep pattern and replacing it with a natural, healthy sleep cycle. Moreover, the Sleep Infuser has a built-in wake up cycle that gently restores the user to wakeful alertness. A short period of using the Sleep Infuser is enough to reset the sleep cycle, leaving users refreshed, rejuvenated and restored after their night's sleep.

Explaining Cambridge Sound Technologies' decision to accept a limited number of investors who would then profit from sales of the product, a spokesperson for the company said: "We looked into the options of crowdfunding and issuing shares as well as the possibility of traditional bank funding, but none of those options was a perfect match for what we wished to achieve. When investors sign up with us, they are in fact joining us in becoming part-owners of the Sleep Infuser." He added that despite the possibility of a rewarding return on their investment, the opportunity was not suitable for every investor: "We want those five hundred to be as enthusiastic as we are in bringing the new Sleep Infuser to market and share in all the profits going forward. We have made the opportunity available to investors anywhere in the world and we want the five hundred we select to really want to help the millions and millions of sufferers everywhere to transform their lives for the better with a good night's sleep every night."

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