AnyFlip Upgraded Its Free Flip Book Maker to Be More Powerful

AnyFlip Wants to Help Customers Spring into Innovative New Trends in ePublishing by Offering a Free Version of their Product


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2015 --Digital publishing and eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry in recent years, making it easier for online journals, aspiring authors, and retailers to reach an audience for their products affordably and quickly. Tech Times has published their list of the 2015 "must have" tech devices and tablets that include improvements to the Amazon Kindle fire product and the expectations for the next iPad. These trends in technology show the path of media, marketing, and the publishing industry for the foreseeable future.

In order capitalize on these important market trends both hardware and software must align and provide focus on those characteristics of modern consumer, who is someone that has access to the web on multiple devices and platforms, is highly engaged in social media, is already comfortable with cashless transactions, and wants touchpad ease of use. Companies like AnyFlip are already there waiting for companies and individuals to seize the moment and produce that eye-catching, spectacular product that will not only provide the best possible communication between themselves and their audience but to do so in multiple platforms that their customers are already using. Free flip book maker by AnyFlip easily transforms PDFs into amazing flip books, catalogs, and online magazines using the latest technology for Android, Microsoft O/S, and Apple.

Adobe's product is certainly a great one and not apt to go away anytime soon, however, it was created for a different technical culture and cannot meet the changing requirements of the modern web consumer. Very few web users want to download a PDF file or attempt to open it on their mobile device. Time Magazine wrote an interesting article last year about the attention span of the modern web user. Today people have exactly fifteen seconds to grab the attention of their potential consumers. Fifteen seconds isn't enough time to download a PDF, open it, and grab the attention of the modern eCustomer. Fifteen seconds is enough to sample several pages of an online "flip book" or eBrochure, however.

This summer AnyFlip is offering free versions of their flip book maker to get people excited about the potential for this product. "We believe we are on the cusp of something really great in ePublishing trends," Jason Chen CEO of AnyFlip. "Our product allows even the small business owner or self-publishing book author to produce a polished product that can compete with those of major distributors." The product is AnyFlip and it enables the customer to create a homepage for their "books" that is SEO optimized, social media enabled, printable, and aesthetically pleasing. The fact that it is easy to use is icing on the cake when it comes to this remarkable innovation.

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